The art of freestyling isn't as honored as it once was. Many artists have been guilty of pulling out the BlackBerry or spitting "off the dome" rhymes that just happen to end up on a future single. However, most rappers are, at least, careful about repeating on-camera freestyles. Unfortunately, The Game must not be aware of the existence of YouTube, or Reddit, where a particularly resourceful user on the hip-hop thread found five clips of The Game spitting nearly the exact same verse. 

The Game recently exhausted the verse on "Breakfast Bars" on The Cruz Show, but the same lyrics can be heard all the way back in 2011. 

Safe to say The Game has been caught red-handed. Watch each of the freestyles below, and tell us if these findings tarnish Game's career. 

Honestly, is this verse hot enough to stick around for four years?