Back in May, rumors started floating around of The Game and 50 Cent reuniting, rumors which The Game quickly shut down, but nonetheless it didn't seem like it was entirely in bad blood, as the rapper said of Fif, "he’s doing his thing man, I'm doing mine thang, Banks, Buck, Yayo, they all doing their thang. Everybody just doin’ their thang man."

Whether or not they'll actually collaborate on wax remains to be seen, but the good news, The Game has publicly acknowledged that their decade-old beef is water under the bridge. The two were at Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A. last night, when The Game took the mic for a second to put the past in the past. He went so far as to say, "I fuck with 50." 50 didn't make a PSA like The Game, but the two were seen in close proximity of each other at the club, so it's safe to say they spoke. 

The Game announced to the club, "I fuck with 50, what happened that shit was twelve years ago, n*ggas ain't on that shit... Ain't nobody on that old shit." You can check out a clip of it below. 

50 finally put his bankruptcy case behind him, and although he still has debts to pay off, he was seen leaving the strip club with a wad of cash.