Meet Houston's T-Wayne, Brick Squad Monopoly's next-up. If you haven't heard "Nasty Freestyle" yet, you will soon. Wayne's breakout hit just debuted at #43 on the charts, and it has the potential to go way up. Wayne's got jokes, with more toilet references than even that other Wayne, but he's also got skills, and we suspect this won't be his last viral sensation.

The YouTube video now has over 13 million views, but it was on Vine where the song first blew up. T's freestyle starts, "First, let me hop out the motherfucking Porsche / I don't want her if the ass don't sit like a horse," and that little soundtrack has inspired many Vine users to create some magic in the allotted six-second time limit. 

T-Wayne's BSM signing is no accident. The Houston rapper hopes to build on his breakout success with his debut mixtape, Who Is Ricky Wayne?, out May 1. In the meantime, enjoy the Vines and let "Nasty Freestyle" stick in your head for a few weeks. 

Watch the music video below, and tell us your favorite Vines in the comments.