The Tracklist: Black Hippy Edition

The two gangsters and ex-hustlers combine on Q’s first album to give advice to the hustlers on the streets, while depicting their past issues, and all the while keeping it real. They even had Ab-Soul on the hook to keep it in the TDE family. 

Most haven’t heard this track due to its anonymity on Jay Rock’s eleventh (!) mixtape, but it deserves to be heard and not looked over. A dirty bass, a catchy hook, and Rock’s smooth flow makes this a huge hit for the TDE emcee. 

Perfectly encapsulated by the hook, this song depicts Ab-Soul’s phenomenal ability to make you think while listening to him spit. Light one up, sit back, and get entranced by Souls words. 

Welcome to the world of dealing Oxycotin. Schoolboy Q has been hustlin’ hard on the streets and depicts it perfectly over the dark, synth-heavy beat. With the first few lines hooking you in, you’re instantly envisioning the streets Q grew up on. 

If anyone thinks Jay Rock is the weakest member of the quartet, they have to look no further than this track. Each member of Black Hippy brings a different element to the group and Jay Rock brings the gangster. Rock allows the listener into his life on the streets of Watts, California. If you want to get to know who Jay Rock is, check out this track.

An underrated TDE track off of Q’s first album, he lets his audience into his life in the ghetto as a drug dealer. With help from Kendrick on the hook, the lyrics on this track resonate with you long after you’ve stopped listening to it.

Sitting at the top of this list, this song exemplifies Black Hippy. Each member gets their 16 bars to spit over and does so with venom, letting the audience know exactly who they are and what they’re here to do. With a catchy hook and a fantastic outro where they trade humorous single line jabs and thoughts, this song is Black Hippy. 

"The Tracklist" highlights songs from a variety of different crews or rappers, that span all generations of hip-hop.

Everyone's been talking about Kendrick Lamar and his much lauded debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, but we decided to give a little more attention to his collective.  Black Hippy epitomizes what a hip-hop collective should be: a group of rappers who can flow together as a group and still maintain a strong individual presence. They've taken the hip hop world by storm, each member having released individual albums.  For the sake of relevancy, we've only included songs from TDE members Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock. Here’s our tracklist for the 20 Best Black Hippy Songs.



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