We previously reported that the "Billy" video had been shut down after Tekashi 6ix9ine had been promoting the production of the DAY69 opener's video in New York. Tekashi came through the streets of Crown Heights with hundreds of his fans but he did not have the proper permits to film in the area, thus NYPD was forced to rain on his parade. 6ix9ine has been all over the headlines in the last few weeks, keeping his nose in the dirt and getting into a new controversy nearly every day. The young rapper took to Instagram to comment on the recent fiasco, letting people know that this situation won't affect him one bit.

Tekashi says in the video posted to Instagram that the police is trying to lock him up, following up the statement with a swift "Nah" and shaking his head. The rainbow-haired individual will likely continue filming the "Billy" video in the near future as he looks to capitalize on any bit of momentum his debut project has been building.

The video is captioned "Never no Ls," and, although his name has been brought up for some questionable things, he has a point as the people threatening him have yet to retaliate. We'll see if Tekashi continues his win streak as the charting position of Day69 will soon be revealed.