All the tough talk ahead of schedule meant little to nothing when the pin actually dropped. According to DJ Akademiks, Tekashi 6ix9ine did not even bother showing up to his "World Star" SXSW showcase last night. Reports vary of him being chased off the lot, to him not showing up for the gig at all. Needless to say, the fact remains, Tekashi, the headliner for the show, did not perform last night. J Prince Jr who had tossed Tekashi from a private party this past week, seems to be the cause of his absence.

Hours prior to his performance, Tekashi told anyone and everyone they could "suck his d**k" as he was firmly intent on "pullin' everbody's card." Unfortunately those words were met by a strong foot presence on festival grounds. In videos appearing on various platforms, J Prince Jr and a squadron of goons patrol the Austin streets. J Prince Jr can be heard telling the camera that he is ready to "pop shit" and willing drop his location, in reference to Tekashi dropping his. The next video comes hours later as the crowd gathered around J Prince Jr and Baby J Prince looks to have multiplied. J Prince Jr then gloats "n***** talk a lot of shit but won't even show up to they own show."

See the videos for yourself. More on this later.