Earlier this month, Tech N9ne released his 16th studio album The Storm -- the sequel to his 1999 debut album The Calm Before the Storm. Tech recently spoke with HNHH about the vision behind his newest project.

"I felt like it was time to go back to my roots," he said. "And by me calling this 'The Storm' when that was 'The Calm' when I first started, it was going to push me to do the best music I've ever done. And I did it. And I'm proud of it."

"I had to go back to the The Calm because The Calm was a lot more gangster. Gangster-type music, grittier music," he added. "In choosing my beats, I made sure they was banging and gritty."

Tech went on to elaborate on how how the album's three levels -- "Kingdom" ("Where all the narcissistic music is"), "Clown Town" ("Zanier music"), and "G Zone" -- reflect the three core facets of his personality and explained the genesis of the album's three most eclectic, exciting features: Jonathan Davis of Korn, Boyz II Men, and blues guitarist Gary Clark, Jr.