Taysom Hill has been one of the most versatile players in the NFL over the past few years thanks to the fact that he can play pretty well any position, on offense, and even special teams. While Hill is mostly listed as a quarterback, he can also be a running back, tight end, wide receiver, and even a blocker on special teams. His efforts at these positions have made him a very important player on the Saints, even if he has yet to receive the honor of QB1.

Today, the Saints decided to reward Hill for his efforts with a four-year contract extension that is the first of its kind in NFL history. As Adam Schefter reports, it is loaded with guaranteed money, and it comes with various different salary combinations.

Taysom Hill

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As Schefter explains in the tweets below, Hill will get at least $22.5 million guaranteed. From there, his salary over the next four years will be $40 million if he continues to be a flex player. However, he can make big money if he becomes the starting quarterback. Should he earn QB1 designation, his contract would be worth a total of $95 million if he keeps his spot as starting QB for all four years. Needless to say, his salary could change from week to week.

No NFL player has ever received a contract like this before, so it should be interesting to see if other teams follow suit. It's definitely a unique precedent that fans should keep an eye on for years to come.