Kanye West's "Famous" video has been the big conversation piece of the weekend, but so far, we haven't heard directly from any of the many stars depicted in the controversial video (save for Chris Brown, who seemed weirded out, but mostly ok with his inclusion). Given their turbulent history, Taylor Swift's reaction is the one people seem to be waiting on, and while she has yet to comment directly on the video, HollywoodLife has reported that the singer is less than pleased with her depiction in the clip, citing an anonymous source on the matter.

“Taylor is livid. Taylor is horrified [by the ‘Famous’ music video]. Taylor didn’t know what to do when she heard about what Kanye did,” reads the quote supplied to the gossip site. “She is bewildered, feels betrayed and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is like a complete nightmare. Taylor is pissed to say the least!”

Of course, these anonymous sources can't always be trusted, but it doesn't seem hard to believe that Swift would feel this way. Regardless, she will surely make some kind of official statement soon enough.

Watch the "Famous" video on Tidal.