Taylor Bennett previously teased us with his “Minimum Wage” single as he readied his forthcoming Be Yourself project and now has unveiled that the title track will be the next single to come.

The cover art that accompanies the cut is a clear nod toward the LGBTQ community as Bennett sits on a stool in rainbow underwear. The new track will feature an appearance from singer Bianca Shaw and is set to arrive on June 6th, coinciding with Pride Month.


17.8k Likes, 663 Comments - "BE YOURSELF" JUNE 6TH (@taylorbennett) on Instagram: "TITLE TRACK "BE YOURSELF." Ft. @biancashawmusic AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS JUNE 6TH!"

Earlier in the year, Taylor spoke with Highsnobiety on his experience since coming out as bisexual last year, noting that he felt the transition was easier for him because of his public platform. “I’m doing it for that kid that sits in the classroom, the one that has nobody to talk to and has no friends – that’s who it’s hard for. That’s why I did it, so all those kids can have someone to look into,” he would add.

He went on to note the growing dialogue that is occurring surrounding such topics within popular culture is leading to a shift of openness that allows one to be themselves.

“It’s not just in the hip-hop community, it’s in the African-American community and it’s worldwide. I do think a lot of it is coming from the little fires that I’m starting to burn, and from artists like Migos and how they dress, and what they do,” he admitted. “That is what’s inspiring the world to be themselves, because that’s what I’m going to do: I’m just going to be myself.”