Talib Kweli was another guest on The Breakfast Club recently, and he revealed while on the air that his upcoming album Prisoner of Consciousness has been delayed due to a label change.

Kweli says his Blacksmith label has been dismantled, as himself and his manager, who owned the label have other focuses which put the label on the backburner. Therefore, his album Prisoner of Consciousness will be released via his Javotti Media label. To accommodate the change, Kweli says his album is going to be pushed back from November 20th for a  few months.

"No, that's actually gunna be pushed back. Originally it was supposed to come out on Blacksmith/EMI/Capitol. It's no longer coming out on Blacksmith/EMI/Capitol...It was my label we dismantled it. I have a label called Javotti Media, which I put out my last album Gutter Rainbows on. So it's now coming out Javotti/EMI/Capitol. But in order to make the transition, I pushed it back a couple of months so I'm looking at February."

"Well, me and my manager Corey Smith, he still my manager we still got a lot work to do, he just partnered up with Red Light Entertainment, he's doing more on the manager thing, so it's hard for him to focus on the label thing. And with me, I gotta focus on getting the music out."

You can check out his first single from the album, which previously lived on his mixtape, "Outstanding" featuring Ryan Leslie.

Watch his interview with The Breakfast Club below, where he continues to discuss his mixtape vs. album, and more.