The Flan is quickly growing his fanbase with the release of his recent mixtape The 905. The Toronto rapper earned a VERY HOTTTTT rating from users and editors alike, and will undoubtedly become an HNHH favorite if he continues down this path.
    The Flan is coming full circle today, after being a winner in our Heatseeker competition (more than once), the Brampton, Ontario rapper makes his 'official' HNHH debut with his new mixtape 905.
    The Flan is hitting us with a new mixtape today, which will be the official-official introduction to the HNHH audience.
    The Flan is gearing up to drop his new mixtape, 905, tomorrow on HotNewHipHop. The former Heatseeker has been heavy on his grind and curated a dope selection of all-original music for the tape.
    Your introduction to Brampton, Ontario rapper by the name of The Flan continues today.
    Sometimes we find some legitimate talent in our Heatseekers submissions (think Euroz, Nile Ross, FYUTCH). The Flan is another one of those finds.
    We first came across Brampton, Ontario native The Flan during our weekly Heatseekers roundup. Since then, he's stayed in touch with the HNHH team and sent over a new music video for "Famous".
    Despite hip-hop generally being thought of as an American-dominated market (wherein Drake's the sole exception), many of our most promising Heatseekers have hailed from our neighbor to the north, Canada.
    Ontario has been developing quite the scene over the last few years. With Drake and The Weeknd leading the pack, a lane has been made for other rapper's from the region to be heard, and The Flan is an artist that deserves just that.
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