TAILS is a Bronx bred rapper currently residing in Monroe County, PA. Avoiding being conformed to a specific hip hop genre, he bases his music off of his everyday life experiences and creates songs by using profound & anomalous concepts.
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    Ali Estee was born in Harlem, but only began his start in rap when he moved to The Bronx.
    Johnny Drama is indebted to the lineage of bubblegum rap that we perhaps first heard with Soulja Boy, taking ringtones rap's catchy simplicity, and adding some sweet auto-tuned hooks to the mix.
    With his track "Errrthang I Luhhh," Derez nabs himself a spot in this weekend's crop of Heatseekers. It's a slinky, darkly intriguing track that showcases some dope rapping from the AZ native. Here's what he has to say about himself:
    We get all kinds of submissions for Heatseekers: Lex Luger-esque trap, Bada$$-style boom-bap, Trey Songz wannabes, half-baked Mac Millers.
    Bootsy Sachs 19 year old rapper from pittsburgh, Pa. Has his debut mixtape Jonework out now!Bootsy's rap artistry continues to improve with every release, something which is most definitely evidenced on On Ur Tongue (feat. Echelon Don & Yung Ka).
    17 year old Los Angeles, Rapper/Singer/Songwriter Justin Delgado is about to start making some serious noise right now online and in the streets of Los Angeles as he prepares to drop his debut Mixtape “Broken Dreams & Bad Decisions”.
    Up and Coming Latino Hip Hop artist from Paterson, New Jersey. UNEEK delivers hard punchlines over smooth instrumentals, but also delivers personal occurrences happening in his life. You will not be disappointed with what he has in store for you.
    Stepping away from the battle rap scene to focus solely on her music D Hall the Queen is currently working on an EP to be released early in 2015. Hall's music has been described as being the perfect blend of street and sweet.
    A dope independent artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina, with east coast roots from Brooklyn, New York. Follow Dizzy gramz on Twitter and Youtube, if you aren't already. How does this compare to Dizzy gramz's previous work?
    Is it possible for Curren$y to be more relaxed? We didn't think so, but then we heard Lee, a fellow kush-coma'd rapper with an ear for cinematic haze.
    C-Murder's "Down For My Niggas" may be the ingle most interpolated song in the last decade of hip hop, and for good reason.
    Opening with some deep vocal samples, John Lee's "The Come Up" sounds a little darker than your average "on my grind" song, with Lee providing a harrowing portrait of struggling to make it as a rapper.
    The first in this week's batch of Heatseekers comes from Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy, a duo who've linked up for the dope track "Night Shift." An uptempo banger, the song features knocking, slinky production from Jerzy and some very slick lyricism from the dude
    H.C Moose from Baltimore MD Penn State's my Alma Mater. Go Nittnay Lions. Just a young lyricist who wants his music to be heard so spread the word. Check out my other music if you enjoy this track!
    Born February 20th, 1992, Tomontey Brown, stage name known as "T.Brown" is a young Hip Hop artist from Annapolis, MD. he started taking rap serious at the age of 16.
    "Grant Flows has a knack for imagery, painting vivid pictures with his narrative flows. The rapper has a fairly gruff, but still very emotive cadence. His introspective southern flows recall Big K.R.I.T.
    Mz. Champagne is one sexy, mysterious & edgy bad ass rapper, singer and songwriter from the DMV area.
    Rising artist Shah Don, signed to independent label Knod Yo Head Entertainment and California label Pro Music Records, just released his new EP "NC-17" available for full stream on YouTube.
    "Aaron McLaren" is a 19 Year old, LA based Producer/Rapper under Wicked West Entertainment.
    J. Nick is the second of two 17-tea-old finalists in this week's Heatseekers competition, and the Field, WI rapper just so happens to be releasing his debut mixtape, Lisa today.
    Ason is a 17-year-old rapper, born in Mozambique, but now based in the Great Falls, VA.
    Back in October, we shared Toronto native Joey Rockstar's dope track "Here And Gone" as a Heatseeker, and you guys thought it was good enough that we've decided to feature him again.
    Here at HNHH, we don't usually get Heatseeker submissions from people outside of the US and Canada, but today one of our winners hails from Europe.
    Root Reality, made up of 4 rappers: Danny "DBO" Santos, Justin Lax aka J.
    Zeke Jaye is a 19 year old singer, dancer, rapper, song writer and actor. He started singing at the age of 4 and since then he has performed in over several shows both singing and acting.
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