They call me Philɵ. I'm from the Lɵs Angeles County. I produce my own beats, and write my own lyrics. I try to keep it 100% ɵriginal. I don't want to say much about myself, only to keep people focused on the music versus the artist.
    21 years young young and ambitious
    Decipher writes of himself "Born & raised in Canoga Park, California, Decifer is no stranger to the cliché rap lifestyle, he grew up and watched and researched a lot of hip hop.
    Toure Pilot is 21-year-old rapper and producer from New York. He just released a new album called This Isn't Real, and shares some of his ambient musings on his new track, "Sanctuary" today.
    Florida continues to pump out interesting new artists. Dero, a 16-year-old from Orlando is the latest of which, and he certainly has a vision for such a young artist.
    "Inett is a kid who spent half his life in the city of New Orleans, and the rest in music city Nashville. Music has always played a tremendous role in his life , but hip-hop became his predominant genre in 2010.
    We've featured the Irish crew ApocalypsE! on Heatseekers twice before, and today they return with "Oblivious Suggestions." Sampling Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek," the SIGNAL-produced track is just as dope as its predecessors.
    TaySauna (Delonte Epps) and S. Dot Dollas (Samuel Walker) are American hip-hop rappers residing from Norfolk, VA.
    In generation where hip-hop is as popular as its ever been EVERYONE WANTS TO RAP! And with today's technology & internet anyone CAN!
    17 year old North Carolina emcee who treats Hip Hop like a religion.Pharaoh Takari's odds keep getting better with each new leak, and Take Notes (Prod. by Pharaoh Takari) will undoubtedly improve his chances of winning.
    Maleek Leggett is a 23 year old up and coming artist from the Bronx, New York. Maleek currently has tracks being played on radio stations such as Hot97 and 107.5 WBLS here in the Tri-State area.
    Lay Lay is another up and coming artist coming out of the bay area. Representing Fairfield, she teams up with her producer Magic Beatz to give you banger. Hosted by DJ Ghost, who also contributed to her new mixtape "The Godmother".
    C-4 Da Bomb Da Name Says It All!!!!! Follow Me @DAREALC4DABOMB #DREAM
    E-40 has been a great ambassador of the Bay Area sound, not only never compromising his approach, but also embracing the newer artists in the scene.
    Toronto has already produced a few stars, but the outskirts of the city seem to be pretty well in their own right. Mississauga brought us PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Brampton has produced WondaGurl, and a couple of other hopefuls, now including Fresh Hines.
    Our next heatseeker of the week takes us to Brooklyn's dark underbelly on an eerie little track called "A Brooklyn Horror Story." The borough's Mookie X writes the following about himself:
    "23 year old Southern lyricist with a lot to say. I let my music talk for me. Wanna know more? Press play."
    up & coming rappers from Cincinnati members are milly, marco, and dolo go check out there mixtape the come up follow them on twitter @NeighbrhoodMily and @DOLODONSKEYYThings are improving for Neighbrhood Milly with each new offering, and Machete is certainly n
    Tahshon Daniels, better known by his stage name Jimmy Collins, is an American Recording Artist, Producer, and Singer-Songwriter born in Newark, New Jersey. At the age of 8 he moved to Atlanta, GA and began making music in the 5th grade.
    Sam Phresh, the female rapper from Gary, IN, while still underground is making moves and connections to make a name for herself. Remember to follow Sam Phresh on Twitter. Can you dig it?
    TAILS is a Bronx bred rapper currently residing in Monroe County, PA. Avoiding being conformed to a specific hip hop genre, he bases his music off of his everyday life experiences and creates songs by using profound & anomalous concepts.
    Make sure to hit RealWarGang with a follow and/or like on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. What do y'all think of this joint?
    Ali Estee was born in Harlem, but only began his start in rap when he moved to The Bronx.
    Johnny Drama is indebted to the lineage of bubblegum rap that we perhaps first heard with Soulja Boy, taking ringtones rap's catchy simplicity, and adding some sweet auto-tuned hooks to the mix.
    With his track "Errrthang I Luhhh," Derez nabs himself a spot in this weekend's crop of Heatseekers. It's a slinky, darkly intriguing track that showcases some dope rapping from the AZ native. Here's what he has to say about himself:
    We get all kinds of submissions for Heatseekers: Lex Luger-esque trap, Bada$$-style boom-bap, Trey Songz wannabes, half-baked Mac Millers.
    Bootsy Sachs 19 year old rapper from pittsburgh, Pa. Has his debut mixtape Jonework out now!Bootsy's rap artistry continues to improve with every release, something which is most definitely evidenced on On Ur Tongue (feat. Echelon Don & Yung Ka).
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