• Looping up a hypnotic sample ad infinitum, D-Slate has himself one hell of a track with "God Knows." The Milwaukee native has been selected as a Heatseeker on the strength of that track today.
  • Despite hip-hop generally being thought of as an American-dominated market (wherein Drake's the sole exception), many of our most promising Heatseekers have hailed from our neighbor to the north, Canada. The Flan, who's our latest selection, is an unsigned rapper who calls Brampton, Ontario home.
  • Khalid represents the San Fernando Valley, and his sound is a merger of a couple of different West Coast styles.
  • Tony C is a 21 year old rapper out of Northern California. His new track "Reminisce" is aptly titled, bringing a nostalgic feel that recalls some classic music from the region.
  • With Taylor, Br-ndn's "The Ritual (Single)," we gave you the turn up (but no less intelligent) portion of today's Heat seeker crop. Now here's Reverb's "Lyrics and Tunes" to cool things down. Also featuring Miginomics, the song has an amazing, knotty beat and bars on bars.  Reverb writes:
  • For today's batch of Heatseekers, we've decided to highlight one turn up track and one more subdued one. Taylor, Br-ndn's "The Ritual (Single)" is the former. 
  • A hip-hop duo out of Providence, Rhode Island, False Idol is proud to release their debut album "Amusement For Gods". With emcee A-God's clean, crisp flow and smooth beats from Evil Genius, the album pays homage to a classic underground sound.
  • AhlonIsMusic began solely as a producer, but after some time attempting to find the right match with rappers, he took it upon himself to approach emceeing. As a result, he's become as adept on the mic as he is behind the boards, a very worthy tool in this day in age.
  • 23 yr old Los Angeles born artist/rapper. Based in AV, KillaKalli. Lives life on the edge since a youngin'. Drez is About his family, his money, and respect. Believes in higher power and that everyone is interconnected, "if we meet it is for a reason". Drez Cardo does music for the passion & love.
  • Ducci Lo is a 21 Year Old Rap artist from Washington, DC. His musical influences are T.I. , Lil Wayne , and Meek Mill. His musical goal is to leave his mark in the music industry as one of the greatest artist and to be to rap what Michael Jackson was to pop. He represents his brotherhood PWG
  • Mike James is a rising rapper out of Melbourne, Florida. His region is apparent in his sound, with the luxurious Yacht music vibes of Rick Ross' J.U.S.T.I.C.E. creeping into the production. His delivery is distinctly southern, but perhaps bearing some influence from the east coast as well.
  • True to its "TRU" title, the second voice you'll hear on Sixteenz's new track belongs to 2 Chainz AKA Tity Boi AKA Mr. "Most Expensivest Shit." The only thing the New Orleans rapper borrows from the Atlantan referenced in the title is some ad-libs, opting for a very different rapping style and sound. 
  • Texas native Demolition Milton cements his status as a Heatseeker today with the Helix-produced track "Benzo." With an intro that recalls a Father track and a voice that sounds like Odd Future's Jasper if he was actually a good rapper, Milton is very impressive over this equally-show-stopping beat. He writes:
  • Hey the name is Knowledge. I am a twenty two years old Rapper born in Fort Myers, FL. South West Florida is the hometown. Currently Independent and just putting in my work. Shoutout my enginer/producer @SkipOnDaBeat, Dope work.Knowledge continues to impress with each new leak, and Rapper is no exception.
  • Kid App is from Detroit, Mi. 20 years old lyricist with a great selection of beats bringing a new style from the MidWestKid App's future brightens with every new release, and New Station certainly isn't an exception.
  • 20 Year Old Artist From North Carolina.
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