• The BeatKnox are a rap and R&B group out of Southern California. They've adopted DJ Mustard's clubby approach to R&B, creating their own version of the sound we've heard on hits like "Show Me", "24 Hours" and "2 On".
  • Mr. Buhleedat is an up-and-coming rapper out of New Orleans. From just one track, it's easy to get a sense of the emcee's personality, and unique style. Here he gives us a summer track, but makes sure to load it with plenty of depth as well. Look out for more from the rising rapper in the near future.
  • Uneek currently resides in Paterson, New Jersey, but he was born in Mexico. The Latino rapper has always had a musical background, starting with traditional Mexican sounds, and moving on to hip hop in his teen years, the emcee has created a unique sound, which holds for a promising future.
  • GG-X is a New Orleans trio made up of artists Dez Di0r, Farrow and ToonLee. The three of them met in high school, and decided to join forces for the project.
  • Polo Donatello is a rapper from Kentucky. While he lived in California for a time, he's gone back to his southern roots, and his music is all the better for it.
  • JayScho is a 21 yr old new rapper from Daytona Beach, FL. While he's already had a few songs take off regionally, the emcee is ready to take his reach to a bigger scale.On "Famous", Jay takes on a crazy, harp-led instrumental, which almost sounds like it came straight out of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
  • Jimmy Graves puts on for his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana on "317," named for the city's area code.
  • Shane Hamlet is an up-and-coming aritst who describes himself as a "21st Century Renaissance Man, Rapper, DJ, Cameraman, International Man of Mystery, CEO of Smooth Family Ent., Legend in Training."
  • Kamos a rapper from the Bronx. His name is defined as power born by God; or freedom and liberation in Hindu. The aspiring emcee has laid-back but very sincere delivery, which he displays on his new track, "MYFB".
  • Cekary describes himself as "a motivated 19 year-old Rapper from Brooklyn, NY," and on "Temptation," his track that's been selected for Heatseeker, his hunger is audible.
  • The first of our four Heatseeker tracks this weekend comes from Persyce, who has offered the following description of himself:
  • Reverb is an up-and-coming rapper from Toronto. At age 17, he shows a very impressive technical ability, channelling classic 90s styles in a way similar to Joey Bada$$, and never letting his flow get too simplistic.
  • Marrell Jones is an 18 year old rapper, currently studying at Oklahoma State University.
  • Noey's powerful track "Hear Me" is one of this weekend's Heatseekers. The MC spits passionately on this well-produced track, giving us a very promising introduction to his music. Noey describes himself as follows:
  • Though most of our Heatseekers tend to be solo acts, there's no rule against groups, and so the trio ANOFTA has been selected today, on the strength of their song "Zone With Me." The group describes themselves thusly:
  • JUS' "Money Over Everything (MOE)" is a jazzy cut that begins by cribbing bars from "C.R.E.A.M.," and goes on to tell of the rapper's acquisition of wealth. He describes himself as:
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