Meet TOKES, our latest Heatseeker outta New Jersey. We haven't heard much from him before, but "Tell Ya" is a strong debut. There's a club influence in TOKES' raps, and he's got the timing to match this wavy beat, produced by CHRIS JVCKSON.
    Young Jules is a witty wordsmith outta Charlotte, NC. He just put out a mixtape, Coastin, and we're sharing the title track with you. "Coastin" is a laid-back track that rides along to bumpy synths and Jules' flexible rhymes.
    YoungN', which happens to stand for Your Ordinary Unique Negatively Good Nigga, is a rising rapper from Virginia Beach. He's already got five mixtapes to his name, which gets bigger with each subsequent release.
    Tre Guapo is a rising artist out of Pittsburgh. His latest, "Like This", is a slow-burning jam in which Tre lays down the art of seduction without letting long-term feelings come into the mix.
    Chicago rapper Keith drops a hot single "Squad Goin Up" that's getting play on 92.3. Though Keith hails from Chicago, you can hear an Atlanta influence in his raps. Just like Thugga, he's all "About the Money".
    Jason "Jet" Jones is a 23-year-old rapper/producer currently living in Hawaii. When he graduated from high school in 2009, he began rapping and making beats and found he had a penchant for both.
    Veto Da Vet hails from Alexandria, Louisiana, and his all-out intensity on the mic mirrors the Dirty South street raps that we know and love. Veto also produces his own tracks, and his dedication to the craft is undeniable.
    Among our newest class of Heatseekers is Odysseus, hailing all the way from Long Beach, CA.
    Meet Mitch Felito, our newest Heatseeker. Felito was raised in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Bushwick and started rapping when he was 18 years old. He released 1992 EP in April 2014 on Soundcloud. 
    Meet Mitch Felito, our newest Heatseeker. Felito was raised in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Bushwick and started rapping when he was 18 years old. He released 1992 EP in April 2014 on Soundcloud. 
    Our newest Heatseeker is 19-year old Coley Mart. Mart was born in Edinburg, TX and raised in Douglas, GA. A quick journey over to Google Maps reveals that Edinburg sits on the Texas-Mexico border and Douglas is a small town in southern Georgia.
    Christian "Lil Kilo" McDaniel aka "LO$A", is a 19 y/o artist out of Greenville, SC. As a child, he's grown up around music on a daily basis with his mother being a radio personality and his father also being a musician.
    OG.eniu$ is a group from Woodbridge, VA composed of Hugo Black and El Screwup. They produce and record all of their songs on their own. This particular song is from their recent project In Your Dreamz.
    Austin Jay is a 17-year-old artist and producer from Northwest Indiana, just 15 minutes south of Chicago. His self-produced debut mixtape, Lost in Space, is dropping by the end of May, and will introduce a unique mixture of R&B and hip-hop.
    A Godbody movement with next level sounds. Based out of the fort worth Dallas area.
    Our first Heatseeker of the week comes from MKZ, whose song "Hunger Games" has been selected. The DMV rapper writes the following about himself:
    Up and Coming Kenif Muse is more then a rapper, he is an artist, one of the top engineers in Philadelphia, and an amazing producer. With a refreshing sound and great lyrics KENIF MUSE proves over and over again that he is one of the next up.
    Working together for over five years, highly regarded rhymesayer Dev3n and the celebrated beatsmith Arkutec have spent the last 12 months working on their first official debut album - "EQUALITY" - released January 22nd 2015.
    Producer, certified sound engineer, designer and musician. Studied Music, arts and sciences since age 5.
    Big DAWG's "Suppose To Feel" is a highly personal record, reflecting on the loss the rapper has experienced, detailing the final years of the lives of both his grandfather and mother in respective verses, and the confusion of emotions he dealt with knowing tha
    Yung Eli is a 22-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, New York, and his music embodies the grittiness that his city wears on it's back, while also incorporating a sentimental, atmospheric edge.
    Frenzie Cartier is a producer, songwriter, video editor, and, last but definitely not least, rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio. The first thing you can hear from Frenzie Cartier's music: He's hungry.
    Sixteenz is from New Orleans, and despite his obvious skills, he wants you to know he's "still not a rapper." Sixteenz has a mainstream Southern sound, with lyrics that stay close to the streets.
    Chase Baby is making a name for himself as one of the most consistent songwriters of the new school. With a style that morphs to fit any style of production and a penchant for leaning toward the lyrical side it’s easy to see this kid has skills.
    Ty II Infinity is a 23-year-old recording artist, producer, photographer, graphic artist and videographer from Philly. 
    Joey is a 19-year-old rapper from Toronto, who's worked with CyHi the Prynce.
    Not to be confused with the post-hardcore outfit of the same name, Blood Brotherz are a rap duo from Detroit, a region we've seen a lot of diversity from over the last few years.
    We're not sure where Trap Boy Young Takeova hails from, but he's certainly a Southern artist.
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