• "Bombastic" doesn't even begin to describe the opening seconds of "Shots Fired," a track by 412 that's been selected as a Heatseeker today. Kicking off with a chaotic swirl of synths, clashing percussion and a big hook, the track is a nice alternative to coffee this morning.
  • The members of SOS may be young, but with their track "Let Me Tell Ya," they've crafted a track that sounds straight out of '94. Warm keys, dope rhymes and a tight beat propel this track all the way to the Heatseekers. The duo describe themselves:
  • Tey Boogie is a rising rapper out Richmond, VA, and the use of Young Buck's image in his artwork for "Ashamed" is the first place to look when tracing his influences. Boogie raps in a pained drawl, making his street tales all the more compelling.
  • Milli3 hails all the way from Mozambique, but it's clear the 19-year-old rapper has been studying North American hip hop for some time. With that being said, his displacement from the current scene gives him a unique perspective, ultimately resulting in something pretty special.
  • After turning up with Lytes Edison on the first Heatseeker cut of the day, allow Gem Heart to set a markewdly different mood on his track "All On You," which also features the talents of Queen Sessi. It's a lush, poppy banger that's awash in auto-tune.
  • It's only ten AM, and I'm no morning person, but Lytes Edison's track "Day 1's" currently has me wylin' out in my desk chair. A testosterone-fueled banger, the song has been selected as one of this weekend's Heatseekers.
  • It's hard to think of Leo's style as anything but post-Drake. The 23-year old Boston-based artist merges rap and R&B in a way that's becoming increasingly more common since Drizzy took over, but much like any groundbreaking sound, the influencees take things to a different place.
  • Rapper Quote has apparently been in the game for 21 years already. The emcee's style is self-described as "Personal Development Rap", and is reminiscent of some of the conscious rap that was coming out in the early 00's.
  • A couple of weeks ago, we featured a very promising track ("Lyrics and Tunes") from a dude named Reverb on Heatseekers. Now, he's back, with his "Vent" being featured this time around.
  • "Its In The Music.......... Microphone Hustle......... Cali Spitta......... Pocket Junkie." That's what Keyon Stacks, our first Heatseeker of the weekend, has to say for himself. His track "BMG Artist" has been selected to be featured today. 
  • Prie is a 23-year old rapper from Honolulu/Las Vegas, who claims to represent "optimism in hip hop". The decidedly conscious rapper has the skillset to back it up, as well as an ear for warm, lush production. Look out for further projects from the rapper as he surely has big things ahead.
  • K!d A.K. is a rising rapper out of Wisconsin, but hearing his new track, "Slo-Mo", you might assume he was out of the Bay Area. Reminiscent of Sage The Gemini, A.K. turns the twerk record into a dark and insular experience, but somehow still makes it incredibly fun.
  • Bullie Nelson is an independent Midwest rapper, and a self-proclaimed lyricist. We're featuring his song "Work Harder" as this weekend's crop of Heatseekers, however he says he has multiple music projects and mixtapes circulating around the internet if you want to hear more.
  • This weekend, as we always do, we'll be highlighting four talented Heatseekers, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. On Monday you'll be able to see the new top 10 Heatseekers chosen in this round of submissions here.
  • Poo Mack is an up-and-coming rapper out of Chicago, with close ties to BandKamp Muzik Group and Chop Squad. He's work pretty extensively with Lil Durk-producer Paris Beuller, who supplie sthe instrumental for "Bad Guy". Durk also shows up for this one, as well as Atlanta's Yung L.A.
  • Yung Ced is a rising West Coast rapper who has found a happy medium between California weed head rap, and the more manic styles of some of the region's most technically proficient rappers.
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