Virginia duo OG.eniu$ are no strangers to Heatseekers. They're coming back this week with some more strong material: "Fuck It Up." These guys have developed a mean confidence early into their career.
    We heard Steven King and producer J.Reelz in last week's Heatseekers with "Juice," and now the duo is back with "Up All Night." This time, they've also brought along emcee Freddy Rojas.
    C.Myles comes to Heatseekers with "On Squad," a turnt up jam that shows C.Myles flexing his lyrical endurance. He began his career as a producer, but he's quickly polishing up his bars.  What y'all think of our latest Heatseeker? 
    Florida MC Mistuh Oakley comes to Heatseekers with "Slurrin," a hardcore Southern-style banger. Oakley goes super hard on the mic.  Let us know if you're feeling the track. 
    Ba$h is an 18-year-old rapper from Augusta, GA and he brings some serious dope-boy raps to Heatseekers. The track title: "2DopeWarlocksSLANGINthatSouthernPotion"-- all you need to know. Also on the track is Kaydoe. 
    Our latest Heatseeker is a producer from Kansas City by the name of 1Bounce.
    Johnny Lovely is an 18-year-old emcee outta Jackson, Mississippi. He's already separated himself from the pack with a wildly different rapping style and also by producing his own beats.
    Brooklyn artist Matty Tosca drops his hottest track yet, "Everything's A Go," featuring Bronx emcee Fred the Godson and frequent collaborator G-Wreck. The track is a late-night club jam that revels in the well-deserved success of Tosca and his homies.
    By now, you probably all know Katie Got Bandz, aka Drillary Clinton, one of Chicago's leading ladies. You probably don't know M.T.G., though, our latest Heatseeker outta Chiraq, who connects with Katie for "Reckless." Ms.
    We introduced you to the exciting Miami rapper/producer duo of Steven King & J.Reelz last week with "Broken Down." They're now back with "Juice," which bangs both in the streets and in the club. 
    Zie, born Zak Bonzie, hails from the City of Norman on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. At a young age he was exposed to a diverse music scene; with influences from Chopped & Screwed all the way of Rock and Roll.
    Lenier Davis is a Los Angeles emcee with some seriously impressive wordplay. His latest track, "Joint Cruise," packs in way more knowledge than your average smoking song. He shows off his West Coast swagger while still kicking raw true-to-life raps.
    NobleBHill is a member of the Noble Pharoahs crew, intent on bringing a cryptic but powerful message to the world. On his latest track, "Love or Lies," he displays an impressive range of lyrical outbursts that show how much thought he puts into the craft.
    My name is J.Reelz and I am a hiphop/ r&b/ and pop producer. I produced and co wrote this song "Broken Down" performed by Steven King featuring Alina Martinez.
    At the age of 8, Boss Don found excitement in the hip-hop and rap culture listening to rhymes from rappers like Jay Z, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, and The Lox. By the age of 16, he was freestyling and battle rapping in cyphers.
    Our latest Heatseeker is Bubu Bambu outta Miami. He doesn't have much out, but he's already starting to master both style and substance, which will serve him well as he continues to grind.
    We first posted G.D. last month with "Pressure," and now the ATL trap star is back with "Violation," showing potential to be a major hitmaker. Though it's still early in his career, he's making noise in Atlanta, and you'll soon hear his name elsewhere.
    Seattle's Ryan Caraveo released his debut album, SWINGS, last December, and since, he's beginning to make a name for himself beyond his hometown. In his new "Jealousy" video, Ryan schools so-called "OGs," rapping over big drums and eerie piano.
    We've been seeing a lot of Philly in Heatseekers lately, and we're glad to introduce some new talent out of the 215: Yung Rep. He's dropped two songs this year, and his latest, "April 24th," is a beauty produced by SF Vibe.
    Our latest Heatseeker is Trip from San Francisco. He connects with producer Falco for "All About Checks," a low-key type of banger suited for late, late nights.
    Raleigh's D.Curtains is our latest Heatseeker. On his latest track, "The Plan Pt. 1," he hooks up with producer Ikanpro, who sets the stage with a old-school production that pulls you right in. D.Curtains prizes storytelling on his raps, and on "The Plan Pt.
    Tah is just 20 years old, leaving plenty of time for him to blow up outta Philly. His latest track combines a refreshing mix of abrasive lyrics, some singing, and a laid-back, electro beat.
    Queens' Chad Vinci brings the heat with "Finesse 1." Vinci is inspired by old-school East Coast rap like Wu-Tang and you can hear it in his raps. He has a tough, gritty flow that you won't often here.
    We met Virginia duo OG.eniu$ last month ago with "Week Ago," and now they're back in Heatseekers with "Richie's Story." This time, they bring a hometown story to life, telling the tale of Richie, a friend whose dope-boy dreams turn upside down after his mother
    Meet Ty Stackz, our latest Heatseeker outta Pasadena, California. Ty and producer JesseGotBangerz have been working for a minute, and their latest, "Know My Name Tho," is their hottest track yet.
    Meet TVGKIINGSHAI outta Philly. He's gonna have to help us with pronunciation, but we'll find out soon enough--as the guys bringing some serious heat our way. He's been rapping since age 15, buzzing on the underground for a few years now.
    Jackboi Tony hails outta Baltimore, a city you've seen all over TV this past week due to violence and protests resulting from the death of Freddie Gray. Believe it or not, Jackboi Tony grew up in these streets.
    Not to be confused with the West Coast Cookin Soul collaborator of the same name, Blanco is an up-and-comer from Chicago.
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