ex drug dealer

  • Quotable Lyrics"Bad bitches, yeah, they love a thug They want a rich nigga sellin' drugs Heard a nigga workin' with a plug Now she tied to me like a book Tell your hoe I blow them stacks, nigga Tell your bitch I blow them stacks, nigga Tell your hoe I blow them stacks, nigga Yeah, yeah - she know I blow them sta
  • Quotable Lyrics"First you get the quarter Then you get the water and you whip it 'til it's harder Second-guess a pound, and then they get the spot split up Curl up all your dough and then you trap it 'til it's hot Third, get that chopper, look out for them robbers If a nigga want it with ya make him scream like an
  • Listen to Ex Drug Dealer, the latest tape from Casino ATL. It dropped on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013. Casino ATL's future brightens with every new release, and Ex Drug Dealer certainly isn't an exception. It's a fitting addition to a solid catalogue that Casino ATL has been developing since stepping foot in the game.
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