The Underachievers have an album coming soon but AK thought the time was right to branch out with a new solo track called "In Your Atmosphere." 
    AK, of the NYC duo The Underachievers, delivers a new solo record this afternoon titled "June 13th." The song is titled for AK's birthday, and is in celebration of the event which went down two days ago.
    Last summer, we finally received The Underachievers' debut album, Cellar Door, but the more suprisingly, a couple weeks before the drop, AK and Issa Gold each hit us with a solo mixtape.
    AK, who is better known as one half of the New York duo The Underachievers, recently released a solo project back in early August titled Blessings In The Gray.
    The Underachievers have shown a range of styles through their two releases, and are apparently planning something entirely different for their upcoming album, Cellar Door. One thing that has always stayed consistent is the influence of psychedelic drugs.
    Yesterday, AK (best known as one half of The Underachievers) released his solo tape Blessings In The Gray. Among the well-curated mix of nine tracks was "Times Change," a highlight of the tape.
    Give Highway a listen - it's a new offering from Berner, featuring AK & Belo Zero. It was dropped on Monday, February 18th, 2013. Berner's musical situation is improving with every new release, and Highway will most definitely help the cause.