Lil Wayne came under serious heat after his insensitive Emmitt Till line on Future's hit single "Karate Chop," which lead to Weezy being dropped from several sponsorships and having to do serious PR work and apologize to fans and the Till family.  T.I. recently spoke about the line, and says that Wayne did not mean to offend anyone, and that outsiders may misunderstand where rappers are coming from with certain lyrics. 

Dropping by Hood Rich radio with his Hustle Gang to promote their G.D.O.D. project, the Kang talked about his tour with Tunechi.  Tip says that Future had left the tour, and 2 Chainz stepped in his place, but that there is still nothing but respect between T.I., Wayne, and the Free Bandz artist, "He disassociated himself from the tour for whatever now Chainz' in there." 

Addressing the YMCMB rappers seemingly offensive Emmitt Till lyric, the Troubled Man rapper took a diplomatic approach and says that Wayne was just flowing when he dropped the line, and did not mean to offend the Till family and his fans," I know Tune ain't need no harm in what he said. He was just kickin flav."  He went onto add that this is just part of being a rapper, and people tend to misconstrue what they say,"You gotta reall be in our life, and of our lifestyle to understand how we can just kinda unplug, and be on our own shit."