Although he was released from prison not too long ago, T.I. has managed to amass a lot of records that the public has not even heard yet.  This is why he added the extra title to Trouble Man, so to differentiate when he drops his follow up album.  The King of the South stopped by Wild 94.9 and talked about releasing the sequel to Trouble Man, and what the process was like recording with Andre 3000.

Discussing the two parts of Trouble Man, Tip talked about all the excess recordings he has, "I recorded like one-hundred-and-twenty-seven songs for this project. It led me to the idea that it's going to have to be two projects. It gave me the idea to have a ...title to separate the two, rather than 'Part One' and 'Part Two.'" T.I. then gave the title to the followup LP, "The first one is Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head and the second one is Trouble Man: He Who Wears The Crown."

 Probably the most anticipated cut off the upcoming album is his collaboration with Outkast's Andre 3000, on the track "Sorry". Tip had hyped up the track by discussing Andre's verse, which did not disappoint.  Talking about working with Three Stacks, the Atlanta artist says it was a long time in the making, "We've been trying to put his particular collaboration together since the King album. Every album since King I've called Andre and been like 'Hey, I'm working on an album, let's get together.' And he'd say 'Okay, let's see what we got that makes sense.' And we've met a handful of times. This is the first time that it ... came together. I'm extremely proud, honored, and privileged."

Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head impacts on December 18th. 

[Via HHDX]