Eighteen years ago, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes passed away. The news of the fatal car crash in Honduras that took the life of the TLC rapper stunned the world, and since that time, theories about her death have spread far and wide. There are conspiracy buffs who claim that Left Eye was murdered because of her beliefs while other stories have circulated about the rapper having run over a Honduran child a week before her death. Those theorists suggest Lopes's death was a revenge killing. There hasn't been any evidence to substantiate those claims.

TLC's T-Boz was asked by Hollywood Unlocked to share her views about conspiracy theories that have centered around the death of one of her best friends. "It has to be the weird world we live in," T-Boz said with a laugh regarding a theory that Left Eye isn't really dead. "I haven't heard that one. I looked at her body. She's gone. What I think is disrespectful is the fans like...just because we were sisters, 'cause we were like a family and she honestly ended up being my cousin because my uncle is married to her mom 'til this day. Before me and Chilli got the closest, me and Lisa were the closest before I got close to Chilli. We were together first in Second Nature, as well, and then we created TLC."

"I hate when people ask me—my birthday is on April 26. She died on the 25th. So, CNN put it out around 4:00 a.m. in the morning, so every birthday, 16 years later, I get, "Happy Birthday"—I can't even open the door. The InstaCart lady was like, 'I know what today is.' Like, 'Damn, ho. I was having a good day until now.' Like you just gon' remind me. I hate when people ask me, 'Well, what are you gonna do today?' Do you celebrate when somebody dies? The worst day of my life to go woohoo! Let's have a cake! Let's party! No, you don't. Don't act like I'm not human... I don't like that. That's disrespectful." Watch her full interview below.