If you've never experienced Summer Walker live, you should be made aware that her performances are quite unorthodox. Suffering from severe social anxiety, the rising songstress has been open about her fear of performing, noting that she just doesn't feel comfortable on stage. On top of her already-present fear of the stage, her live sets often seem to be plagued by technical difficulties, making the entire situation all the more awkward for fans in the crowd. There have been times where Walker dips out after performing a couple of tracks. There have been others where she pulls a fit in front of the thousands that paid to watch her sing. And then, there have been times where her show goes off without a hitch. You don't quite know what you'll be getting from Summer Walker. Prior to her concert tonight in Toronto, Canada, the star singer issued a public service announcement to anybody attending the display, informing everybody of what they can expect.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

If you copped a pair of tickets to the show tonight anticipating an energetic performance from Summer Walker, just know that you will be let down. Summer isn't about to destroy anybody's expectations so she let out a warning on social media before anybody dared to complain. "Be ready for a vibe," she told her Toronto-based fans. "If y'all wanna see 2 splits, a back flip, an a Adele belt, & one Pusey pop this show is not for you. Lol just this is for wine sippers, blunt roller, & hand swayers."

If you're more of a chill person at concerts, you'll have the time of your life. However, if you want Summer Walker to be your own personal circus clown, you should probably sell the tix at the door.