We've already heard The Alchemist do plenty of exciting things this year, from teaming up with Action Bronson on Mr. Wonderful highlights like "Terry" and "Falconry" to releasing his GTA-inspired album with Oh No, but the workhorse producer is far from finished with dropping music in 2015. Here's his new instrumental album, Israeli Salad.

Consisting of 20 tracks, all but one under three minutes in length, the album was cobbled together from various obscure records Alc found on a past trip to Israel. Ever the ingenious sampler, he turns the Mediterranean jams into head-nodders that are easily digested by any hip hop fan. Apparently, Israeli Salad was originally planned for a 2011 release, but Alc needed a return trip to the country to convince him to release it. 

Buy the album here and stream it below.