As it stands, the world is facing a hardship that is hasn't faced in just over a century: a pandemic that is forcing people to stay home as opposed to living normally. The Coronavirus is ravaging countries throughout the globe, including the United States which is quickly approaching 500,000 confirmed cases. Numerous people are dying at alarming rates and our way of life has been completely shut down. One of the things that have been taken from us over the past month, is sports.

None of the big sports leagues are operating right now and it has certainly put a damper on a lot of people's moods. In the NBA, some of the players have been trying to pass the time by practicing while others look more towards philanthropic efforts. Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is making sure he gives nurses their credit during this hard time. In fact, he recently surprised a group of Oakland nurses with a FaceTime call.

The nurse holding the phone seemed to have had a prior conversation with Curry about what she and her colleagues have been going through. Curry told all of the staff that he is extremely appreciative of their efforts and that he hopes to help in any way possible. He even noted that while sports are fun, they aren't as important as those working on the frontlines to keep us healthy.

Curry is certainly maintaining his status as the resident good guy of the NBA.