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Welcome all my Swagganauts and Space Kadets. We are known as the Spaceship Klick. We are a local rap/hip-hop group from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We all met in high school and we have been rapping as a group for about 4 years now. Our group consists of 6 members. We have our talented producer, Franchize (19) who makes the majority of the beats that you hear us on. This dude has only been making beats for 3 years and already he has the makings of being a great producer in the music industry. It seems almost as if he got good overnight. You can hear more of his skills if you visit his producers page which is, or follow him on at Next we have the Captain of the Spaceship, Luke Flywalker also known as The Capo (20). This is a very talented young MC who's been rapping since he was 12. If you asked who he sounds like, I would have to say no one because he brings his own swagger and flare to the rap game. From lyrics to punchlines, this young MC seems to have all his bases covered and it seems as if he's only getting better. Watch out for this guy because he has the makings to be one of the best. Follow him at Third we have King Killah (19). In addition to being an MC, this young cat also sings. He's also the cousin of Luke FlyWalker. He's been rapping for about 8 years now, and also rapped with Luke when they were younger. With his own swagg, he brings hood flare and soft melody to the table. The best of both worlds. Fourth we have our youngest member, Nizzy Dot Com (17). Now for someone who has only been rapping a short time, this young MC has matured quite a bit since making his debut with the Spaceship Klick. When you hear him on the tracks, you would never know he was 17 because of the way he graces the mic. His flow is quite mature for his age. Being so lyrical, Nizzy Dot Com has the potential to be one of the best. Follow him at we have Elvis Freshley a.k.a Fresh (19). While bringing his own unique swagg and style to the table, Elvis Freshley seems to have the ladies going crazy with his hit song, Sex Me. He's been rapping for about 8 years now, as well as dabbling in some producing. Fresh was the originator of Y.F.E which later turned into Spaceship Klick. By bringing us all together back in high school, Fresh knew this was a good decision because each person in the group brings something different and something new to the table.Last but certainly not last, we have our newest member, J. Vellz (17). With a voice like no other, this young dude can serenade any lady, so fellas keep your girlfriens close!! Spaceship Klick, also known as S.S.K is definitely starting to gain a local buzz. With hopes of one day making it big in the music industry, the determination each of these individuals posess will definitely fuel the drive to be big names in the Rap game. We cordially invite you to watch as a local group slowly transforms into a worldwide phenomenon.. Fly Out Or Die (F.O.O.D) is the motto we live by.


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