After reports surfaced yesterday that Justin Bieber cancelled the remaining dates on his Purpose World Tour so that he could "rededicate himself to Christ" instead, new information suggests that Bieber's commitment to his spirituality might be an unhealthy one.

According to TMZ, Bieber's recent "spiritual awakening," which comes courtesy of the Hillsong Church and its leader, Carl Lentz, was the root of his abrupt about-face where his tour dates are concerned. He has denied this reasoning in public, but sources connected with the church say that Bieber's relationship with Lentz has been "intense" and that it has begun to influence the singer's life decisions.

"The church didn't tell Justin to cancel the tour. He made his decision based on spiritual soul-searching and his own view of the path in life he should be taking," one source told TMZ. No one's worried about Bieber's music career as of yet, but he's apparently becoming "the Tom Cruise of that church."