Soulja Boy Videos

  • Soulja Boy Feat. Migos "Actavis" Video
    Soulja Boy Feat. Migos "Actavis" Video
    Revisiting his King Soulja 4 album, Soulja Boy decides to come through today and drop off the official video for his Migos-assisted record “Actavis.” With their double cups in hand & ice around their necks, watch as Soulja Boy & Migos takeover a building's entrance (literally) and stunt hard for the cameras in this braggadocios clip above. Look for a ton dabbing to go down in the process.
  • Make It Rain
    Make It Rain
    Soulja Boy has a pair of big releases lined up for the fourth quarter. S. Beezy The Mixtape is set for a November 24th release, while his LP King Soulja 4 will follow December 22. In preparation for the drop dates, Soulja has shared "Make It Rain," a tranquil new track that finds him slathering his warm melody in a generous helping of auto-tune. 
  • Soulja Boy "Gratata" Video
    Soulja Boy "Gratata" Video
    Soulja Boy continues to roll out new content leading up to the release of his Trap Love project on October 9. After hitting us with tracks like “Catch Up” & most recently “Nothing To Something,” Soulja Boy decides to keep it moving today by returning to the scene with a new video for his track “Gratata.”
  • Soulja Boy "Covered In Gold" Video
    Soulja Boy "Covered In Gold" Video
    Soulja Boy has never been shy to pay tribute to other artists, and on "Covered In Gold" it seems his inspiration is none other than the great Future Hendrix. From the "Covered In Money"-esque hook down to the hat, Soulja's new video is a weirder version of Future's most recent incarnation (at one point he even says goin' "Beast Mode"), and as usual, it works pretty damn well.
  • Soulja Boy "Spend It All" Video
    Soulja Boy "Spend It All" Video
    Soulja Boy's always prolific output hasn't slowed in the least this year. Most recently, at the end of last month, he dropped an EP (25 The Movie) and a album (King Soulja 4) on the same day. Today he's picked, "Spend It All," a track from the EP, for his latest video. 
  • Big K.R.I.T., OG Maco, & Soulja Boy Weigh In On Confederate Flag Controversy
    Big K.R.I.T., OG Maco, & Soulja Boy Weigh In On Confederate Flag Controversy
    Rob Markman of MTV News caught up with Big K.R.I.T., OG Maco, and Soulja Boy this past weekend to ask them their thoughts on the movement to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house. All three rappers had good things to say on the subject: I see a lot of people saying like 'that's our heritage' or things like that," Maco said. "But if that's the case you might as well let white people say 'n*gger.' They go hand in hand, the confederate flag, we was getting called 'n*ggers' back then."
  • Soulja Boy "Rick Ross" Video
    Soulja Boy "Rick Ross" Video
    Soulja Boy channels Rick Ross in his new song, named after the MMG bawse. From Belaire bottles to stacks of cash to representing Maybach Music Group, Soulja does it all in his song "Rick Ross." He even goes so far as to say, "I signed Meek Mill, I signed Omarion." Some days you just feel like you signed Meek Mill and Omarion, amirite? 
  • Soulja Boy "Lingo (Watch Me Swag)" Video
    Soulja Boy "Lingo (Watch Me Swag)" Video
    Fresh off the release of his Swag mixtape, Soulja Boy decides to come through and share the official video for the project’s intro “Lingo (Watch Me Swag)”. With the double cup in hand, Soulja Boy and his homies head to the studio to flaunt their money and shoot this braggadocios video above. Ballin’ on a budget, this in-studio visual will probably be the first of many more to come off Swag.
  • Whippin' My Wrist
    Whippin' My Wrist
    Soulja Boy's videos usually consist of gleeful house parties at his mansion that feature more blunts and double cups than actual plot lines. That's fine though, as King Soulja's dance moves and charisma are usually enough to carry any video, no matter how plotless. For his "Whippin' My Wrist" video, though, the ATLien has opted to depict a more ambitious concept for once.
  • Soulja Boy "Backwoods" Video
    Soulja Boy "Backwoods" Video
    Soulja Boy recently toured the European Union, and during a stop in Barcelona, Spain, he was able to shoot this video to his song "Backwoods", which is about--you guessed it--his favorite type of blunt. See Soulja Boy rapping through the streets of Barcelona. Added concert footage shows Soulja has quite the Spanish following.  It also looks like Soulja's crew was able to rent out some impressive digs when they crashed in the city. At the beginning of the clip, Soulja Boy is sipping from a Rich Gang styrofoam cup, so perhaps he's getting back with Birdman. 
  • Soulja Boy Feat. Rich The Kid "Get Rich" Video
    Soulja Boy Feat. Rich The Kid "Get Rich" Video
    You haven't made it until you're in Soulja Boy's backyard resting your cup of lean on his air conditioner unit. That's exactly what Quality Control's Rich The Kid does in his new video with Mr. Tell Em himself.
  • Soulja Boy "Don't Nothing Move But The Money" Video
    Soulja Boy "Don't Nothing Move But The Money" Video
    Ahead of his upcoming album Loyalty, which is scheduled to drop on February 3rd, Soulja Boy dropped off his latest track, "Don't Nothing Move But The Money," earlier this week. Now we've got a video to accompany the music.
  • Soulja Boy "Hurricane" Video
    Soulja Boy "Hurricane" Video
    We haven't gotten a new project from Soulja Boy since Halloween weekend, which wouldn't be that big of a gap in output for most artists, but certainly is for the prolific ATLien. The drought will be over on February 3rd when he drops Loyalty, a project that this new track "Hurricane" will probably pop up on.
  • Soulja Boy "Pablo Escobar" Video
    Soulja Boy "Pablo Escobar" Video
    After hitting us with two new leaks in one day, "Like Ugh" and "Ride With Me," both off an upcoming album from Soulja Boy called Loyalty, Soulja delivers a music video for an older cut "Pablo Escobar."
  • Soulja Boy "Red Dot" Video
    Soulja Boy "Red Dot" Video
    Just over three weeks removed from the release of his reader-approved Young Millionaire mixtape, Soulja Boy is already back on his grind with a brand new single. Titled "Red Dot," the song is the first release to hit the web from the rapper's upcoming Loyalty album. Give the visuals a viewing above and let us know what you think in the comment section.
  • Soulja Boy "Trap Boy Soulja" Video
    Soulja Boy "Trap Boy Soulja" Video
    When compared with King Soulja 2, Soulja Boy's previous free mixtape, Halloween's Young Millionaire has fared a lot better in terms of user ratings.
  • Soulja Boy "On The News" Video
    Soulja Boy "On The News" Video
    Soulja Boy can be a hard guy to keep track of. Just three days ago, he shared audio of a track then titled "New Coupes," but it seems like the track's name has changed in the few days it took to drop a video. Today the SODMG boss let go of a visual for a track called "On The News" that is, without a doubt, identical to "New Coupes."
  • Soulja Boy "Soulja Soulja" Video
    Soulja Boy "Soulja Soulja" Video
    After releasing King Soulja 3 earlier this year, Soulja Boy has been dropping visuals for the album's tracks at an alarming rate. His latest, one for "Soulja Soulja," is his seventeenth video released this year, which is absolutely preposterous, especially when you consider that the dude's also put out three projects: Super Dope, King Souljas 1 & 2.
  • Soulja Boy "Movie" Video
    Soulja Boy "Movie" Video
    Soulja Boy's hustle knows no limitis. Just a little over a month after the release of King Soulja 3, the "Crank That" emcee is already full swing into the promotion of the tape's sequel. "Movie" is our first taste of the project and, if the track is any indication of the material that it's coming packaged with, fans should be in for a nice surprise when the full-length drops on September 15th.
  • Soulja Boy "In My System " Video
    Soulja Boy "In My System " Video
    King Soulja 3 was released quietly earlier this month, and it's still spawning videos, the latest of which being "My System". The album highlight earns itself the the type of flex-heavy visual we've come to expect from the SODMG rapper, with Soulja sipping and smoking throughout.