Soulja Boy Songs

  • Whippin' My Wrist
    Whippin' My Wrist
    Soulja Boy is nothing if not prolific. The SODfather always has a new project in the works, and today, that project is King Soulja 4.
  • Party
    We're still about a week and a half away from the release of Soulja Boy's new project, Loyalty, but at this point, we've already heard four tracks from it. One of them, "Drop Head Phantom," was shared earlier today, but that's not stopping the SODMG head honcho from dropping another just hours later. "Party" is an inebriated turn-up cut. 
  • Drop Head Phantom
    Drop Head Phantom
    Soulja Boy hasn't been stingy with the leaks off his upcoming album Loyalty.
  • Don't Nothing Move But The Money
    Don't Nothing Move But The Money
    Earlier this week, Soulja Boy linked us to a video for "Hurricane," a new song that will appear on his next project, Loyalty: The Album. Due out February 3rd, the album will also include "Don't Nothing Move But The Money," a track Soulja just dropped on his Soundcloud.
  • Hurricane
    Soulja Boy is always dropping new music, and the holidays have not stopped him from sticking with that process. After dropping multiple projects throughout 2013, SB's next endeavor is Loyalty: The Album. Today, the Rich Gang rapper has shared a new leak from the project, which we will assume will be given as iTunes release in the new year.
  • Radio
    Soulja Boy continues to roll out the tracks. After hearing "Ride With Me” & “Like Ugh” a few weeks back, Soulja Boy decides to come through tonight and share his newest offering “Radio”. As the title & hook depicts, this bass-heavy trap record goes so hard that it won't be played on the radio. And like its previous releases, it too will see life on his upcoming album, Loyalty, which drops later this month on December 30th.
  • Ride With Me
    Ride With Me
    While we wait for an update on Soulja's King Soulja 4 project, the SODMG rapper is prepping a new album for December. The rapper revealed art (featured above) and two leaks off the album on Soundcloud this morning. Along with the blunt "Like Ugh," Soulja gives us his softer side with the auto-tuned and melodic "Ride With Me." Soulja serenades a woman and details all the benefits of riding with him.
  • Like Ugh
    Like Ugh
    Soulja Boy has yet to deliver King Soulja 4, but that hasn't stopped him from announcing another new album on the way. The last leak we received earlier this month, "Don Corleone," was a cut from the King Soulja series. Today the rapper took to Soundcloud to reveal what could be the cover art for another album (or just a placeholder image), Loyalty, which will be dropping around Christmas, on December 23rd.
  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone
    Soulja Boy is back again. Exactly a week after releasing his Young Millionaire mixtape, King Soulja decides to come through and release this new track just in time for the weekend called “Don Corleone”.
  • You Already Know
    You Already Know
    Soulja Boy has officially let loose his new Young Millionaire tape on the world. While the project itself is packed with some of the emcee's best music yet, perhaps no track emphasizes his growth as well as "You Already Know." Over a smooth instrumental from the always reliable Zaytoven, Soulja is joined by Sean Kingston and Rich The Kid to tell listeners what they already know: that this trio is living the high life. 
  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan
    What do Soulja Boy and Michael Jordan have in common. Well, they're both ballin' of course. This comparison is the root of Soulja's new jam named after the NBA legend, which finds him delivering a syrupy auto-tuned flow, complimented by some clean backing vocals on the hook.
  • Ultra
    While auto-tune is more prominent than ever these days, rappers are hardly using it the same way. Soulja Boy is an artist who has drenched his vocals countless times, but often taking different approaches to pitch correction. There was the sugary melodicism of "Zan With That Lean", which gave way to some more spacey balladry, such as "Big Bank Rolls".
  • Finesse
    Apparently the last "Finesse" was so popular that Soulja Boy decided to reuse the title on a new track. The latest single from the upcoming King Soulja 4 mixtape due October 31st, "Finesse" finds Soulja dropping the word "finesse" with ironically little finesse of his own (the word means "intricate and refined delicacy," by the way). Still, I don't think that there's any doubt that this one was made for the whip, and it'll surely find a comfortable home in that environment.
  • 100 Pints
    100 Pints
    The other week Short Dawg, Ab-Soul and Mac Miller were bragging about "10 Pints," but today Soulja Boy outdoes that number with a song called "100 Pints." Yes, these two records are drastically different and probably shouldn't be compared on a sonic level.
  • New Coupes
    New Coupes
    Soulja Boy's currently hard at work prepping his fourth King Soulja tape for its release later this year, and today he shares what may very well be another track from the project. "New Coupes" is a high-energy trap banger that kind of makes us think that Soulja's Actavis stockpile has run dry.
  • Really
    Although Kendrick Lamar has the West Coast covered this morning with his "i" single, The Game decides to drop off a new leak from his upcoming compilation album Year Of The Wolf. The new single, "Really," features Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy (on the hook) and T.I.
  • They Said I Wouldn't Make It
    They Said I Wouldn't Make It
    The other day Soulja Boy began the roll out for a new project King Soulja IV with "Pablo Escobar." He continues to roll out new music leading up to the project, with a new collaboration featuring Cap 1 arriving today. This one's for all the haters who said Soulja wouldn't make it. Did you doubt King Soulja? Now look where he is (?).
  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar
    Soulja Boy has had a decent comeback year with songs like "We Made It" featuring Drake, and today he lets loose a new track called "Pablo Escobar". The track is housed on his upcoming King Soulja 4 project, which hits the digital streets on September 23rd. In the auto-tune filled track, Soulja compares himself to the infamous drug lord, as he's proclaims that he is the main connect in the West Coast.
  • Bands
    The release of Soulja Boy's King Soulja 3 is soon approaching, and the prolific rapper has released yet another leak from the project today, simply titled, "Bands".The bass-heavy instrumental fits nicely into Atlanta's current scene, but Soulja brings his own flare to the vocals, putting his own spin on the style.
  • Big Bank Rolls
    Big Bank Rolls
    With Soulja Boy's King Soulja 3 tape dude out on July 29th, the ATL spitter has been gradually leaking tracks off the project. "Big Bank Rolls" is the latest. Produced by Zaytoven, the song is spaced-out and rather unorganized, with Soulja singing lackadaisically over piano-led production. It sounds like Soulja just pressed record and proceeded to give an auto-tuned freestyle -- which results in a lack of structure, but also some unpredictability, which Soulja seems to be adept at providing at this point in his career.
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