For reasons still unknown, Soulja Boy has started an intense beef with Quavo. He has taken numerous shots at Quavo on social media and threatened to come at him with his "draco" in a diss track appropriately titled "Beef." Wednesday afternoon, Soulja Boy continued to threaten the Migos rapper and urged him to "pull up" to his residence.

"Fuck Quavo ain't no squashing Shit he a Bitch and when I see him umma knock his ass out whoever got a problem with holla at me," Soulja wrote on Twitter.

"Niggaz must forgot I already shot niggaz before," he continued, referring to a 2010 home invasion in which he allegedly shot a robber four times. "I killed a nigga and beat the case self defense. Ain't no snitching he got smoked. Facts."

Once again, he cited his substantial social media following as evidence of his superiority, despite the fact that 56% of his Twitter followers are fake.

"Man this Shit lame," he concluded. Yes. Yes it is.