Rapper Soulja Boy seemingly couldn't be any happier that his nude images leaked online. In fact, he's been spreading the word quite effectively that his pictures are widely available on social media after somebody posted explicit images from his OnlyFans account. In the last few hours, Soulja has retweeted hundreds of his fans reacting to the photos -- especially the ones that say he deserves his "Big Draco" nickname.

One of many rappers to use OnlyFans as a side venture to make some extra cash, Soulja Boy, unfortunately, suffered a photo leak after one of his subscribers allegedly screenshotted his explicit shots and posted them on Twitter. Several photos leaked, including one of the rapper in his underwear, and another of him pulling down the waistband. Because of the nature of these images, we will not include them in the article... but they're out there.

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Many of Soulja's followers are lusting over the photos, shooting their shots with him and telling him that he's very well-endowed. Some people in his replies are even saying that Soulja might be "half horse" and judging from the pictures, they have a point.

The 31-year-old artist seemingly isn't bothered at all about the leak, treating this moment as a promotional tool and sharing the official link to his OnlyFans, where he will likely see a follower boom throughout the next few days. Check out some of the reactions that Soulja Boy has retweeted below.