When it comes to hip-hop Instagram pages, few can boast as varied a profile as the legendary Snoop Dogg. Not only does the Doggfather fire off top-tier memes on a daily basis, but he also provides plenty of historical hip-hop flicks, many of which range from his own tenure within the rap game. Clearly, Snoop appreciates his fellow artists -- not only on the basis of their musical talent but on their personal qualities as well.
 Snoop Dogg

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As we all know, authenticity is an important quality for Snoop, a proud rebel against the pro-snitching movement and all it represents. Yet there remain enough who meet his criteria for realness, many of whom have served prison time over the course of their lives. Yesterday, Snoop took to Instagram to share a collage of iconic hip-hop mugshots, belonging to himself, 2Pac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, and 50 Cent.

With many ranging from the early nineties, it goes to show that rappers have been dealing with the prison system for decades, with Snoop himself nearly derailing his entire career over a murder charge from which he was acquitted; that incident, which took place in 1993, formed the basis of his classic song "Murder Was The Case." It's not entirely clear what prompted Snoop to share the collage, but it seems possible that he aimed to highlight those who experienced the justice system first-hand. Check it out for yourself below, and show some love to four of the game's enduring voices.