Fatman Scoop has been utilizing his time indoors by interviewing a few of our favorite artists. The latest to share a social distancing split-screen with Scoop is Snoop Dogg who spoke about a few memories as he told tales of hip hop history. Snoop recalled a few harrowing incidents involving Notorious B.I.G., but no matter what East versus West drama was going on, he and Biggie remained friends.

Snoop Dogg, Biggie
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Snoop Dogg said that a series of events caused him to run into Lil Cease not long after Tupac was murdered and Cease took him to see Biggie. "He's in a walker, what the old people walk around in," Snoop said. "He got the walker sitting at the edge of the bed and when I walk in the room, we started talking. Then, he looked me in my eyes and he say something to that—he's sad that Tupac is dead, but I can look in his eyes and I could see that he hurt."

"This is not a man that's happy or glamorized," Snoop added. "This a man whose friend that's dead, they had a misunderstanding and he could never get no justice for his emotions, but he's showing me his emotions. He explaining to me how much he loved Tupac and I ain't trippin'. Not once did we bring up the Brooklyn incident, because what's understood don't need to be talked about." Watch Snoop Dogg chop it up with Fatman Scoop below.