Like so many others, Snoop Dogg was shaken by the news of Kobe Bryant's tragic death on Sunday, and has taken to social media over the past few days to remember his friend and pay his respects. As a diehard Lakers fan and longtime Los Angeles rep, Snoop felt a personal connection to the loss of a local legend of this magnitude. In the wake of Kobe's death as well as his daughter, Gianna's, not only has Snoop made tributes to them and honoured their memory, he's also been posting plenty of photos showing his dedication to supporting the Lakers and Kobe over the years.

Snoop has certainly not fallen short on sharing the love. He recently reposted a photo of some impressive braid-work that was done in Kobe's honour. Hairstylist QueenofBraids shared a photo of the intricate braids she did on her client, Rick Rocha, which spell out, "RIP KOBE."

Snoop posted the photo on his own account, giving Queen of Braids some major exposure and showing the world how talented she is. Both T.I. and DeRay Davis commented on the photo, offering their approval. Some commenters seemed to think Snoop himself had gotten these braids done, but Queen of Braids specified that Snoop was merely a fan of her work. It looks like she's done a lot of similar styles where different words are braided into the client's hair, like sports teams or "2020."