Smokepurpp and Beats by Saif have been going at it for months, dating back to Saif's insistence that he was owed repentance and money. "Lil purpp finessed me. help me get my money back." a post reads dating back in time. $2000 is the lump sum, at point of purchase, as Saif is quite evidently a bedroom producer.

The $2000 amount puts a large enough dent in Saif's pockets. Yes, social media spammers make money but maybe not as much as we'd like to think. Never the less, Saif did receive his media pass for SXSW and thus had an opportunity to address the squabble face to face with Smokepurpp who was also in attendance.

The video below shows Beats by Saif getting in Purpp's face. Saif is oblivious to Purpp's noticeable size advantage, yet for some reason beyond his control, the altercation fizzles out before it gets physical. According to Saif, words were exchanged, with Purpp threatening harm more than once.

Beats by Saif's antics have not gone unnoticed by the hip hop community. He has been known to shamelessly plug his web content under celebrity tweets. He obviously stepped to the wrong man and lived to tell the tale. The funniest takeaway from this story is that XXL who broke the story, felt no need to contact Saif prior to publishing. Maybe Saif needs to look in the mirror and work on his mutable self.