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Like most children growing up in Chesapeake, VA, Marc Davis(Skrilla) had a love for video games and sports, but one thing that was known at an early age for Skrilla for was that he had an unmatched love for music. His mother would notice him nodding his head to songs on the radio and repeating them word for word as a young boy. Skrilla says, “when I was 12 or 13, I wrote my first rhyme and it all took off from there and I knew that I wanted to rap and do music with my life”. When the middle school and high school years came, Skrilla spent his days honing his rapping and writing skills by freestyling in the school cafeteria with other classmates and when he would come home from school, he would immediately grab his notebook and begin recording himself on the family computer. Skrilla has released two mixtapes to date, Paid In Full Vol 1 and Paid In Full Vol 2, but the aspiring rapper/songwriter has taken a few hiatuses from music in the past couple of years. “I'm a father now and you know real life tends to happen a lot so I haven't been able to focus on my music like I really want too, but the fire has always been there and I just want to make my dream a reality at this point in my life” says Skrilla. He prides his music on real life experiences and wants to motivate people to be the best in life and work through their issues with his music. The 23 year old also has a knack for penning songs as well, specifically in the R&B and Pop genres. He would always break down R&B songs and is very appreciative of the work it takes to come up with vocal arrangements, melodies, harmonies, etc. The young musician says that he writing songs and rapping is therapy for him and takes away the everyday struggles that life has to offer. “When i'm writing, or when I hit the booth and record, I can't describe the feeling that comes over me. It's like, this is what I was put on earth to do and I don't want to ever let my love for music die out”. These days, Skrilla is just trying to get his name out there and gain fans as a rapper and work with as many producers and other writers as possible on the songwriting side of the business. “One way or another, I will be involved with music because I can't see myself doing anything else with my life that will make me as happy as making music does”.


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