Skip Bayless has never been afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to LeBron James. Whether its his love for Michael Jordan, who he covered throughout his career working for the Chicago Tribune, or disdain for James, Skip has made a career going at the NBA’s best player for years, constantly sending digs and shots on national airwaves for everything and anything he did. Well last night during the Lakers game against the NY Knicks, Skip decided to keep his trolling antics up and refer to Lebron as “LeAnkle” James while Lebron deals with a lengthy ankle injury.

Taking to twitter, Skip said that with “no LeAnkle,” Lakers fans should thank Kyle Kuzma for carrying them through the first half.

Of course, fans had a field day with Skip’s “LeAnkle” mention, and had to share their funny reactions on Twitter. Check those out (below).

LeBron is currently dealing with an ankle injury that has left him sidelined since late March when he rolled it badly against the Hawks. Reports have indicated that he may not be 100% for the playoffs either as the ankle isn’t healing as they hoped it would. Hell, LeBron even said he may not ever get back to 100% after this one. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, Skip will continue to be Skip.