Skip Bayless is a god when it comes to hot takes that leave you scratching your head while scrolling through Twitter. Whether you love him or hate him, what he says gets a lot of attention and usually not for good reasons. He's an incredibly biased individual who can't even call Kawhi Leonard by name, which is not just hilarious but incredibly petty as well. Not only is Bayless misinformed at times but he is also extremely gullible which can help enhance some of the topics he discusses on his show Undisputed.

Today, Bayless and his co-host Shannon Sharpe spoke about the Houston Rockets debacle between Chris Paul and James Harden. That's when Bayless cited a fake tweet from @SportsTalkBarry who was pretending to be Adrian Wojnarowski. In the tweet, it says that Paul used to make fun of Harden's manboobs which led Harden to leave the court in tears.

Bayless thought this was a real story and spoke about it with 100% confidence on his show. Sharpe looked surprised at the information Bayless was disseminating although he never challenged it. We're unsure if Sharpe knew it was fake or if he just wanted to see his co-host embarrass himself on National television.

It would be a tough scene if this were the case but at this point, Bayless should be used to looking like a fool on TV.