The Philadelphia Sixers have announced that their #1 overall pick, rookie Ben Simmons, will be sitting out for the entire season. 

The 6'10 phenom out of LSU hasn't played a game this season due to a foot injury and the team was never in a hurry to rush him onto the court unless he was completely healthy. As it turns out, Sixers fans, and fans across the league, will have to wait until next year for Simmons' NBA debut.

According to reports, Simmons underwent a CT scan this week which revealed that the bone in his foot was not fully healed.

He originally underwent surgery for a Jones fracture in his right foot in October, a procedure which typically warrants a 3-month recovery period, and while it's disappointing he won't be playing this season it's certainly understandable why the Sixers want to make sure he's 100% healthy before putting him out on the court.