Some of you may remember Missy Elliott protege Lil Mo, the voice leading the hook of the 90s hit "Hot Boyz." Along with a successful career as both a songwriter and vocalist, the crooner had her share of drama within the music industry and reality television. In a recent report covered by Bossip, we learned that the singer faced humiliation after her husband of five years, Karl Dargan, was accused of fraud. 

According to the news outlet, Dargan was caught up in a debit card scam. The accusations were brought forth a woman by the name of Ashely Gray, who made her allegations public via Facebook. The woman claims that Dargan took her debit card to make a $170 dollar purchase. The exact purchase consisted of game cards for Dargan's children. Gray continued explaining the facts of the ordeal, by further adding that both Dargan and she were at Dave & Buster's when the theft happened. Moreover, Gray affirms security footage from the arcade will show Dargan picked up the card and used it. She further claims that Karl Dargan offered to give her only one card game, but refused to hand back the debit card. As such, Gray thought it best to blast Dargan on social media as pay-back. 

Mo's husband has since responded and denied the allegations through a prompt tweet which read: "If i woulda found a debit card i woulda MAXED that bitch out. Fuck u talking bout." Dargan directly mentioned Gray. This is messy, indeed.