It's somewhat ironic. Chief Keef gives us so much music on a weekly basis, yet he owes us just as much. How is this possible? Well, he either has a terrible memory, or he is naturally bad at keeping promises. 

The fact is this: in the past two years, Chief Keef has announced over a dozen projects that still haven't been released online. These may include solo albums, mixtapes, EPs, or joint projects with other artists. 

Just last month, Keef announced his collaborative EP with Metro Boomin' titled Peacocks, Peacoats, Flavor & Paper, would be released on Halloween. Quietly, the holiday came and went without the project arriving. Instead of offering an explanation on why PPF&P was delayed, Keef decided to announce another new mixtape, Finally Rolling 2. Strangely enough, FR2 already has a confirmed tracklist, and is scheduled to drop on Saturday. Meanwhile, PPF&P continues to collect dust even before it has been officially released.

Frustrating, right? Take a journey down memory lane, and recount all the various projects Chief Keef never followed through with.