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  • Sicko Mobb "Penny Hardaway" Video
    Sicko Mobb "Penny Hardaway" Video
    Both members of Sicko Mobb most likely weren't born yet when Penny Hardaway was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1993, but if you've heard their song named after him, you wouldn't know it. On the Super Saiyan Vol. 2 cut, Trav and Ceno share gleeful tales of balling, and the new video takes a very literal approach to that end.
  • Sicko Mobb "Round N Round" (Prod. By Mr. Infiniti) Video
    Sicko Mobb "Round N Round" (Prod. By Mr. Infiniti) Video
    'Round N Round' is the latest visual from emerging Chicago, Illinois bop duo Sicko Mobb, the track having been produced by Mr. Infiniti and included on their debut mixtape Super Saiyan Vol. 1, which dropped in late December. We'll be premiering a special No DJ version of the project tomorrow, which y'all should definitely stay tuned for. (Brought to you by Oak Street Media.)Peep Sicko Mobb "Round N Round" (Prod. By Mr. Infiniti) Video, the latest visual from Sicko Mobb. It dropped on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014.