Sicko Mobb Songs

  • HUDD (How U Do Dat)
    HUDD (How U Do Dat)
    Sicko Mobb has already given us two solid mixtapes this year, and while -- as far as we know -- there isn't a new project on its way any time soon, they've been sharing new records semi-regularly. The latest track from the duo is "HUDD (How U Do Dat)," a song built off of a deceptively complex hook, which finds the guys nimbly stacking notes in unconventional but very satisfying ways.
  • Out West Chicago
    Out West Chicago
    Chicago bop duo Sicko Mobb have already released two projects this year -- Super Saiyan Vol. 2 and Mulah (the former among the strongest mixtapes of the year), and today they're back with another vibrant banger called "Out West Chicago".
  • This Is How We Rock
    This Is How We Rock
    Chicago duo Sicko Mobb impressed us with their innovative sound on their Super Saiyan mixtapes, and their latest tape, Mulah, finds them more confident than ever. The opening track, "This Is How We Rock," is the type of banger you won't hear from anyone else. 
  • Kool-Aid
    Over the course of their young career, Young Chicago duo Sicko Mobb have proven themselves to be masters of melodic, earnest bop music, and their latest exemplifies those traits. "Kool-Aid" follows up February's Rockie Fresh-assisted "Drugs In Me," and was produced by The Blue Ranger.
  • Drugs In Me
    Drugs In Me
    Sicko Mobb placed themselves at the forefront of the Chicago bop scene with the release of Super Saiyan Vol. 1, and it earned them a deal from Swedish pop super-producers, Stargate. While there are probably some blockbuster-level singles on the way, the duo haven't gone Hollywood on us just yet, sharing "Drugs In Me," which continues right where the mixtape left off.
  • Trophies
    Chicago young'ns Sicko Mobb are currently prepping a sequel to last year's Super Saiyan Vol. 1, and today we've got the first leak from the upcoming project. "Trophies" is a characteristically giddy track from the duo that's bolstered by steel drums, bleepy synths and of course, gallons of auto-tune.
  • Lately
    Last week, we got a new track from one of the most prominent groups in Chicago's bop scene, Sicko Mobb, and awesomely enough, it found them adding the unfuckwithable sounds of steel drums to their infectiously poppy style. Today we get another new one, which happens to once again be an exclusive loosie from DJ V-Dub, and guess what-- the steel drums are back too.
  • What About You
    What About You
    Bop is great enough, but it gets even better when you add steal drums to the mix. Sicko Mobb have tapped into this unfuckwithable formula, adding their impossibly sugary melodies to skittering footwork and colorful island-inspired sounds. It makes for a perfect summer jam, as does much of their debut mixtape, Super Saiyan Vol. 1, which dropped right at the tail end of 2013.
  • Chi-raq (Remix)
    Chi-raq (Remix)
    At the rate they've been dropping in the past few months, you may never want to hear another "Chi-Raq" remix or freestyle ever again, but please, stick it out for one more and you won't be disappointed. Sicko Mobb, a Chicago crew who rose to prominence in the city's "bop" scene, have come through with a very impressive remix of the Nicki Minaj/Lil Herb track.
  • Be With Me
    Be With Me
    There are plenty of active artists in the bop scene, as the new We Invented The Bop 2 compilation suggests. However, there's one act that seems to have the potential to be the scene's breakout stars, and they just happen to kick off the project.
  • Fiesta (Remix)
    Fiesta (Remix)
    Sicko Mobb are the face of Chicago's burgeoning Bop scene. Combining Drill's searing low-end and liberal use of auto-tune with the bubblegum hooks of ringtone rap, as well as incorporating some of their city's electronic and dance influences, Lil Trav and Lil Ceno are taking their sound to the next level. With a deal from pop super-producers Stagate (Rihanna, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, etc.), Sicko Mobb's reach continues to grow, and this pairing with another Mob from NYC is just another indication.
  • Maserati
    Listen to Maserati, the latest track from Sicko Mobb, featuring Lil Durk . The cut dropped on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013. Sicko Mobb's future brightens with every new release, and Maserati certainly isn't an exception. It's a fitting addition to a solid catalogue that Sicko Mobb has been developing since stepping foot in the game. We're excited to hear more.