Sheek Louch Songs

  • Bout It Gorillaz
    Bout It Gorillaz
    After dropping a new single, "Bang Bang," featuring Pusha T, Sheek Louch is back with another freestyle.
  • Still Grind’n (Remix)
    Still Grind’n (Remix)
    Jadakiss dropped yet another quality record yesterday called "Baby," and someone in the comments made a very astutely referred to him as the rap game Tim Duncan. 'Kiss don't miss. Indeed, he returns today with yet another systematically dope cut "Still Grind'n (Remix)," in which he invites the other 2/3 of The LOX Sheek Louch and Styles P to take another swing at his 2011 record "Grind."
  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang
    A week ago, Sheek Louch started teasing fans about a big collaboration with Pusha T, "Bang Bang." Based on the title alone, you'd expect some scathing shit, and you wouldn't be wrong. Today the veteran rapper has debuted the single with King Push, who, as per usual obliterates his verse. The song is centered around a "bang bang" sample (no Chief Keef) and some hard-hitting metal drums. Now we need that sophomore album from Push.
  • Boom Boom (Remix)
    Boom Boom (Remix)
    Earlier this summer, Shaggy dropped off a super bouncy track called "Boom Boom,' the ideal song during which to make your move on the dance floor. In an HNHH premiere, Shaggy returns today with the "Boom Boom" remix just in time for Labor Day weekend, bringing on his old buddy Sheek Louch to spit a verse over an infectious instrumental from Sting International, the producer behind timeless classic "It Wasn't Me." Stream Shaggy's "Boom Boom" remix and let us know in the comments how you're feeling the latest from the Jamaican legend.
  • De La Gorillas
    De La Gorillas
    Sheek Louch has been dropping weekly freestyles all summer and the Silverback Gorilla 2 release date of September 18 is at last approaching. With his eyes on the prize, the D-Block representative submits "De La Gorillas," launching into 2 minutes of straight bars over De La Soul’s “Rock Co.Kane Flow," which appeared on The Grind Date and was produced by Jake One.
  • Gorilla Language (Freestyle)
    Gorilla Language (Freestyle)
    Sheek Louch is set to release his new project, Silverback Gorilla 2, at some point, but for now he's just releasing freestyles on a regular basis. For the most part, he's had some pretty good selections, staying away from the obvious. His latest is a take on Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigger Tha Gambler's "Broken Language".
  • Gorilla Homicide
    Gorilla Homicide
    Sheek Louch continues to keep it moving. After hitting us with “Survival Of The Gorillas” the other day, the Lox member decides to return today with another freestyle for our listening pleasure titled “Gorilla Homicide.”
  • Survival Of The Gorillas
    Survival Of The Gorillas
    It's been a minute since Sheek Louch spit a Silverback Gorilla 2 freestyle, and today he gets back to it with "Survival of the Gorillas." Continuing his habit of putting old school beats to work, he spits over Mobb Deep’s “Survival of The Fittest” instrumental, though he quotes the signature line from their "Shook Ones Pt. II."
  • Gorilla Enemy
    Gorilla Enemy
    Sheek Louch has been putting his LOX commitments to the side recently as he gears up for forthcoming project Silverback Gorilla 2. Last Thursday he dropped "Got Damn," and today he drops his latest effort "Gorilla Enemy," in which he spits over Public Enemy's "Terminator X to the Edge of Panic" of their second album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.
  • Got Damn (Gorillas)
    Got Damn (Gorillas)
    Sheek Louch has already dropped approximately 10 songs off Silverback Gorilla 2 and he's not done yet. This time he spits over Clipse's “Cot Damn” from their classic album Lord Willin'. It's cool to hear Louch repurpose this quality bit of Neptunes production, as his flow and overall approach to rapping is certainly a change of pace from the slow, measured drawl of Pusha T. It almost sounds like a true freestyle. Would be shocked if Louch spent more than 30 minutes putting this track together. 
  • Falling Soldiers
    Falling Soldiers
    With his recent streak of releases, Sheek Louch may have already released every track off Silverback Gorilla 2. His latest effort "Falling Soldiers" may be the best of the streak thus far, with Sheek Louch getting emotional, putting on for his fallen comrades -- "I'mma put this bandana on and ride for my friend!!"
  • Gorilla Walk In New York
    Gorilla Walk In New York
    Sheek Louch has been going strong with his freestyle series in order to promote his upcoming mixtape, Silverback Gorilla 2.
  • Bipolar Gorillas (Freestyle)
    Bipolar Gorillas (Freestyle)
    Sheek Louch will be releasing his Silverback Gorilla 2 mixtape later this year, but first he's come through with a freestyle over some classic instrumentals. Royal Flush and N.O.R.E.'s “Iced Down Medallions” segues into jay Z, DMX, and Ja Rule's "Murdergram,"as Sheek holds his own on each, introducing the latter instrumental as getting back on his "gritty shit".
  • Forest Fire (Freestyle)
    Forest Fire (Freestyle)
    Ahead of his impending album Silverback Gorilla 2, Sheek Louch has been dropping off just about one freestyle per week, and that continues today. "Forest Fire" is his latest. Going in over Havoc's production on Mobb Deep's “The Learning (Burn),” The L.O.X. member dismisses claims that he's living a "pop life" ("you can get popped right now"). He also talks about hiding rifles in his trench coat, having sex with a drunk woman and putting her in an Uber back to Hoboken, and counting up tons of money and drugs.
  • Gorilla Front (Freestyle)
    Gorilla Front (Freestyle)
    Just how many freestyles is Sheek Louch going to drop before his album comes out? Ahead of Silverback Gorilla 2, which won't be out until September 18th, the L.O.X. member has been sharing freestyles left and right, most recently with his "Gangstar Flow" video yesterday. Less than 24 hours later, he's back with one called "Gorilla Front."
  • Memory Lane (Freestyle)
    Memory Lane (Freestyle)
    Ahead of his upcoming album, Silverback Gorilla 2, Sheek Louch has been sharing freestyles every week, and his latest is accurately titled "Memory Lane." Check it out below.
  • Gorillas Come Out
    Gorillas Come Out
    Sheek Louch continues to keep the freestyles coming. After hitting us with “Drunken Monkeys” & “Hood Gone Love It” last week, Sheek decides to return tonight and liberate another one dubbed “Gorillas Come Out”.
  • Drunken Monkeys (Freestyle)
    Drunken Monkeys (Freestyle)
    In preparation for his upcoming album, Silverback Gorilla 2, Sheek Louch is following what his L.O.X. comrades Jadakiss and Styles P are currently doing and starting a freestyle series. After dropping off "Hood Gone Love It" yesterday, Louch returns with "Drunken Monkey," a particularly fiery collection of bars. 
  • Hood Gone Love It (Freestyle)
    Hood Gone Love It (Freestyle)
    Lately, it's seemed like we've been inundated with freestyles from members of The L.O.X. Jadakiss has his Friday morning freestyle series that started a few weeks back, Styles P dropped bars over J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar records last week, and now Sheek Louch joins the fray with a new one called "Hood Gone Love It."
  • DWYCK (Freestyle)
    DWYCK (Freestyle)
    As if “The Realest” wasn’t enough, Sheek Louch decided to treat fans to a double dose of freestyles tonight with his second one "DWYCK”. Hopping on the classic Gangstarr instrumental, Sheek offers some new rhymes for the fans to digest. Just like “The Realest”, this freestyle is something to keep the fans happy with until his upcoming Silverback Gorilla 2 project arrives (whenever that’ll be).
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