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BIOGRAPHY: BAiNG the Locksmith is exactly what is needed in hip hop music today: A HERO. “It doesn't get much more American than this” -THE MIAMI NEW TIMES "THE LOCKSMITH OF HOPE" While some may find it disappointing that the images of felons and thugs have been glorified by the rap genre, what might be even more of a let down to consumers is that the majority of the artists claiming those same images are not authentic. And to make matters even worse, rappers that do come out with positivity are, for the most part, looked down upon for not having "street credibility". Enter BAiNG the Locksmith..... A talented man who has proven himself, is on a mission to make a positive change in society, and who can not be denied by music lovers, convicts, and concerned parents alike. As a product of the Overtown projects of Miami, Florida, BAiNG seemed to be just another destined casualty born into the effects of systematic failures that are the sad reality for most poor Black communities. As early as the age of 6, he found himself being put through windows by his own father, who would use him to break into houses. By the age of 9, he was already running through the cold streets on his own, and moving from one project to the next throughout the city, with his mother and 2 siblings. As one might have guessed, it is not surprising that at the young ripe age of 14, he was arrested for robbing a McDonald’s, and sentenced as an adult to State Prison for what would be a 12 year term. But for BAiNG, this actually marked a rebirth. He was now a child who would grow into manhood behind bars, but he would make the best of it. He began to write music, and a couple of years later, he seized an opportunity to showcase his talent by participating in the Henry Prison Talent Show, which he would go on to win 4 out of 5 times (the first year he was disqualified for explicit language, while unaware of the rule). After defeating the reigning champ, and being decisively victorious thereafter, his popularity grew continuously. As he was transferred from one prison to another, the word kept spreading about the young rap phenom, and soon enough he had gained legendary status in all of the prisons statewide. He was anointed by the elders as a delegate; the representative that would prove to the outside world that there is hope within the prisons. Though many would never make it out, at least BAiNG would prove that sometimes a convicted felon could actually turn his life around and make a positive difference outside the walls. He gracefully accepted this responsibility, and vowed to never forget that he held the keys to the hopes and aspirations that would give the lifers the only freedom they could ever attain. Thus "the Locksmith" was born. By the time he was ready to be released in 2006, he had the whole State Prison system behind him, proclaiming him as "the best to ever come through". With such prison credibility came street credibility; the very things that Hip Hop culture currently praises. Because of this, coupled with his unordinary talent, soon after coming out he was solicited by many management firms and production companies. He turned down one record deal after another, by the likes of Polo Grounds Music, producer Jim Jonsin, and others. Though the offers were wholeheartedly appreciated, he was free for the first time as an adult, and knew that he had already established a strong foundation for his musical future. Because of this, BAiNG focused on laying down foundations for other goals which he could eventually merge with his music. He decided that he should aim to reach out to youngsters who might be in the same position that he was once in. So he turned to West Palm Beach's State Representative, Maria Lords Sachs, to co-found THE REAL TALK PROJECT, a non-profit organization that would feature BAiNG traveling to different juvenile detention centers to speak to the youths about the all important role of a father, urging them to recognize how the absence of a good father might have affected most of them, and even more importantly, to see that they should prepare themselves to be great men and future fathers so that their children could have it better then they might have. He would also aim to make them understand the importance of finding productive hobbies or developing specific talents, as alternatives to crime and violence. BAiNG's ultimate goal is to use his musical fame to try to reach out to the youths, in an effort to demonstrate to them that one can overcome negativity with positivity. -In August, 2008, BAiNG made international headlines by being 1 of 5 finalists in McDonald’s “Big Mac Chant Off”; this was reported as a “full circle” “success story of redemption” since when he was incarcerated at the age of 14, it was for robbing a McDonald’s. -BAiNG has appeared on the “CBS Morning Show”, “Fox and Friends”, CBS news, Fox News, and ABC News, as well as on the covers of “the Sun Sentinel”, and the prestigious Hip Hop magazine “Ozone”; also, he has had stories on “The Miami New Times” and “the Miami Times”, while also making appearances at many different radio stations nationally. contact : HOLY GUERRILLA MUSIC


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