Shawn Porter and Terence Crawford fought on Saturday night and in the end, it did not end well for Porter, whose father threw in the towel during the 10th round. After the fight, Porter's father ripped him a new one as he claimed that his son did not properly prepare for the fight. This turned out to be Porter's fourth loss of his career as he has 31 wins and one draw on top of that.

In the end, this will be Porter's final loss, as he announced his retirement from boxing on Saturday night. During the post-fight press conference, Porter stated that regardless of the outcome, he knew this would be his last-ever time in the ring. At 34 years old, he is prepared to finally move on from the sport.

Shawn Porter

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“I’m prepared to retire. I was prepared to announce my retirement tonight — win, lose, or draw,” Porter explained. “Even if it was a draw we had a date they were telling us we were gonna have to do it again. I was not gonna do it again. And I am announcing my retirement right now.”

Boxing can be very demanding, so it makes sense that he would call it a career after a tough loss like this one. The sport can lead to long-term head injuries, and getting out now is probably what's best for his well-being, moving forward.

Terence Crawford

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