Seal made his way back in the headlines when he made comments suggesting Oprah knew of the wrongdoings by the former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein. When the media came after him for alluding on the matter, he followed up with a video explaining that he has an "enormous amount of respect" for the talk-show host and encouraged women to come forward with any sexual assault stories. 

Actress Tracey Birdsall has since come forward alleging Seal made sexual advances on her when she was his neighbour in 2016. Tracey tells TMZ that she went to Seal's house to retrieve her salad spinner she lent the singer. She tells the publication that Seal pounced on her where she yelled, "What are you doing?!" and he replied, "I'm kissing you!"

Seal then allegedly referenced Tracey's outfit saying she was asking for it, where he continued to grope her breasts. After demanding him to stop, Seal asked her to sit on the couch with him. She complied, and he apparently still continued to comment on her outfit and grope her. She finally left and never spoke to him again. 

A source from L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ that a report was taken from Tracey and is currently being investigated. Seal denies the claims where his rep says "he intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations."