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My name is Orlando Sciarretti III. I'm not quite a musician, not quite a rapper, & not quite a singer. I'm an artist. I'm a poet. I'm interested in human behavior. We do things for reasons that sometimes we don't understand. These subtle things that we do and view as just normal human behavior bother me and I wanna find out why we do these things. I let my mind drown in my thoughts most of the time that I'm awake. When I'm asleep, I barely dream. Sleep is rest for my mind. It recharges my body but usually as soon as I fall asleep, I wake up immediatley. It's like I never fell asleep. When I do dream, my dreams seem like they last forever. My dreams are usually dark and gloomy. Sometimes though, my dreams create a high for me. My own heaven... It's good for the moment. The moment only. I like pushing things as far as they will go. From ideas to people. Once I get some momentum I'm like a diesel truck. I run a long time. I started writing rhymes at 14 to try and be a rapper. I abonded this idea very quickly. I started moving into other genres of music to see what I like at 15. I got into Alternative and Country for awhile. The change was nice from Eminem and 50 Cent to Linkin Park and Johnny Cash. At 16 I got into Hardcore Techno. The sound of it always attracted me but I never ventured into it. As soon as I did I couldn't get enough of it. The bass and fast changes jump-started me and sent me into hyper mode. After I had my fun looking through all this music, I came back to Hip Hop. But with a different point of view of it. The country gave me a sense of the blues and story-telling, the alternative fueled my anger and energy, the techno gave me a sense of always moving in a song. Music is like dancing. You don't use the same move over and over again on the dance floor. You change always keeping it fresh! Hip hop gave me something that I relate with. The rhymes and metaphors. It was poetry. I began writing poetry at 15 as just a way of venting. I didn't make any roses are red kinda crap. I wrote stories with rhythm. It kept me sane basically. Music keeps me inside my mind, even though I may seem very out of my mind in my music. I said before I don't rap. I don't talk about cars or gettin' hos. I talk about life. Relationships, the economy, death, birth, illness, rough times & good times, I talk about life. Any feeling that you could possibly have, I can make it into a song. I make music as a hobby. Not get rich off of it. My main goal in making music is when someone hears one of my songs that they understand that feeling that I had making my song and hopefully they can relate to it.


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