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Writer. Producer. Composer. Promoter. Supporter. Learner. Scholar. Teacher. Preacher. Brother. Soldier. Leader. Thought Enticer. Mind Master. Shit Talker. Follow Me On Twitter, Facebook, & Myspace!!! Google: SchoolBoy ReL or SchoolBoyReL Music Bio SchoolBoyReL was born and raised in the inner city streets of Southside, Chicago, IL in the neighborhood section better known as "Flipside". Surrounded by many different styles of music as a child influenced through his father's, uncles, and cousins love for Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Soul R&B, Funk, early Hip-Hop and what we might call now the "Oldies", SchoolBoyReL's love for music started at a young age. "I remember being three and four years old taking them long drives with my pops, mom, and sister listening to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Spinners and Sade, amongst other artist with strong & powerful views. Those songs will be embedded into my life and music forever." Along with the smooth yet controversy of the artist of influence previously mentioned, late 80's & early to mid 90's Hip-Hop and R&B had an equal influence as well. From Digital Underground to Big Smalls, Tupac to Too Short, Jodeci to H-Town, SWV to NWA. "Joe, I was so blessed growing up to have a family as enormous as the one I had and still have to this day. Growing up I didn't have many cousins in my age bracket though, so I hung around my sisters and my older cousins. They all are part of the many reasons why I have progressed so greatly in my music today. Without being introduced to so many different styles at such an important stage in my childhood, I wouldn't be the artist, further more, the person I've come to be today!" The name SchoolBoyReL, given to him by his neighborhood peers for being known for having his bookbag on all the time. "Low key, my parents did a great job of raising me and keeping me out of as much trouble as they could, but the biggest influence to stay in school was hearing that nickname ring from the 'gangstas' and 'thugs' in my neighborhood. They made it cool for me to stay in school." While having growing pains during his high school career, ReL found an outlet through writing. "I swear, growing up in the Chicago Public School system, I think every teenager has something interesting to write about. In Chicago, its so much going on with politics, violence, and drugs, even inside of the school system. Writing is how I made a way to manage from going completely insane!" During these years, he started transforming his outlet writing into lyrical madness! This fit perfect into the Spoken Word genre, exactly what he entered into at the Spoken Word Cafe at 47th & Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. "Spoken word by far is the rawest form of lyrical performance to date. The raw passion, emotion, power, and energy put into spoken word are all limitless." He is booming with lyrical masterpieces and hot controversal topics with projects like the "Identity Crisis: The Mixtape", which is a 23 track CD that displays his true raw talent as one of the true premier MCs in the industry! Looking for SchoolBoyReL? JUST LOOK FOR THE BOOKBAG!


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