The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 43 states have been affected by the Salmonella outbreak in onions.

Salmonella, OnionsSean Gallup / Getty Images

They report that 640 people has been sickened by the outbreak, 85 of which required hospitalization. Zero deaths have been linked.

"Do not eat, serve, or sell onions from Thomson International, Inc., or food made with these onions," the CDC warns on its website. "Onion types include red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow varieties. Other companies have also issued recalls of foods, like chicken salads, made with recalled onions.

"When you order food from a restaurant or shop for food, check with the restaurant or grocery store to make sure they are not serving or selling recalled onions from Thomson International, Inc., or any foods prepared with recalled onions, including foods such as salads, sandwiches, tacos, salsas, and dips."

The Food and Drug Administration says Thomson will be recalling all varieties of onions they are connected with. 

Symptoms of Salmonella include diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.

If you are worried you may have contracted Salmonella, the CDC recommends you do the following: 

- Talk to your healthcare provider.
- Write down what you ate in the week before you started to get sick.
- Report your illness to your local health department.
- The health department will likely call you for an interview to ask you about foods you ate in the week before you got sick.
- Assist public health investigators by answering their questions when they contact you.